Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Malaysia 3 - Indonesia 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Football matches are all meant to take its's die hard fans breath away, notably on finals I might say. Bukit Jalil was the faithful venue on which the Malaysian Football Team would be facing the might of their Indonesian counterparts. It was also the battle amongst us, the fans, and the raucous wrath of the highly-spirited Indonesian fans that came that night. There were us, me, Shahin, Pokwang, Jekbe and Ateng right there. We entered the stadium at an approximate 7 pm. Unlucky enough for us as the stairs were the only sitting places for us. Well, who gives a damn?

So there it was, the beginning of the first 90 minutes for this mouth-watering encounter of the two sides. The first-half was summed up in a quite boring fashion, almost resulting me to fall asleep. That would not have proven to be the case once the second-half began. The match was postponed for 6 minutes as a result fo some laser beams, claimed to be from the Malaysian fans. I got to say though, some cowardly act by the Indonesian players (they asked for these right before the Malaysians were to take a free-kick). So the beams are out of the equation, and just after that, the Malaysians scored. Not 1, not 2, but 3 goals in lightning fashion. Man, it was just so pleasant to see the sea of Yellows to go euphoric each time the ball hits the back of the net. So the match ended in a promising way for K. Rajagopal's men, with this historic scoreline :


Right after the match

OK, I'm over-reacting

Safee Sali, Ashari, and Safee Sali again. The scorer of this first leg of the final. Feels happy that the RM30 that I spent for the purchase of this match's ticket went to be very satisfying. I heard that the Indonesian fans are still berserking with the lost,claiming that it was nothing more than pure luck. Hope that the Malaysian team will do the best on the second-leg. 3-0 is a great lead, but nothing is exactly insurmountable, right?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

it aint cool...

It seems like it has been some sort of a new trend for the younger part of the generation nowadays. Having more than one boyfriend or girlfriend that is. To simplify, flirting. Its a fast-spreading plague. Its happening to almost everyone. even my closest companions.  No offense, but most of this flirting individuals does not have the most pleasant of all looks.  Most of this flirters are not that handsome or pretty. But still, going out on a date with different spouses every single day does not prove to be a problem for them.Not to mention how sickening most of this flirters daily behaviours is.  In all honesty, I dont know why do people flirts around. Sometimes I wonder, whats the "X-Factor" that sparked so many guys or girls to get attracted to them? Why do they flirt?

I heard stories that some flirts because of past tragedies, being cheated by their loved ones seems to be the most glamorous sentence. How weak for them, to retaliate for that with such stupidity. Some even do it for pleasure, having so many GF's of BF's turns them to think as if they're on the pinnacle of their hotness. Had to agree though, that does made them look hot, for the time being that is.

After srutinizing this phenomenon on my own, I do acknowledge this extra-ordinary talent of them. But come to think of it, all of them shared one same problem. They just can't find the right person, the main individual that is sincere in uttering that 3 sacred words. Yes, they might have a bizzare number of scandals, but to be offensive, who are those dimwits? I bet none of them have excellent academical qualifications, nor a good job. So, whats the point of bragging with the fact that you flirt with so many persons, if you could only attract those dumb-asses? Besides, be realistic, why does those guys @ girls even dated you? Come on, you gotta be kidding me if you say say that all of them were mezmerized with how "attractive" this flirters are,all at the same time,NONSENSE!!!. Most importantly, at the final chapter, who would actually be their soulmate, be the one who would spend the rest of their life with them? Thinking again, its not "acknowledge", "pity" seems to be the right word for these unlucky lads.

Still, I do respect others who are sincere, who are faithful to the ones they love. Being loyal, no matter how insuperable the problems they are facing with their loved ones are. For me, these are the men and women that I really looked up to. Relationship that is greater, no need in having many scandalous affairs whatsoever.

Wake up and smell the coffee fellas. People with brains will never flirt,nor cheat. Keep being faithful for the ones you love, my friends. Do believe me, sincerity will last for eternity...

Friday, December 17, 2010

once again , FINALLY.

That was sometime. I mean the tenure on which I last opened this website till the moment this post is written seems to be astonishingly long. To remark, I'm not that busy or anything, just kinda lazy to blog, perhaps. This holiday is anything but periodically satisfying, so I reckon its better for me to just sit at home, in my room, and do all sorts of detrimental stuffs I could possibly do.

Find a job?
Why should I even find one, I seldom hang out nowadays. That's why I thought since day 1.

A must for a law student. Just to get one exposed to what life in the legal field is all about prior upon graduating. Compulsory after finishing your 3rd year, but its never too early to go for it before that. Guess I might be doing it twice, once as a pre-exposure, the other one to fulfill the obligation.

This holiday might be short to say the least, but I did put on some great activities in it, just to make it less-boring. For instance, me an my UKM Law colleagues did arranged a trip to Singapore. It went well though. This one was the third time I went to this so-called Fine City. But I guess this one was the best, cause I stayed there a little longer than the previous two.

Life at home was filled with all mixtures of feelings,still, boredom was the one that prevail. My father had retired. He's home now 24/7 with no more annoying phone calls from the office,not to mention all sorts of work at the port. Thus contributing to this new and improve Abah, a less-petulant Abah. Me and my family will be moving back to our hometown one day, the place where my dad spent most of his childhood life at, the place where the moments there he cheerish the most. To be honest, I cant wait to go back there myself. Its peaceful there, no to mention how spirited I am to triumph in my studies everytime my feet is there.

Before I forget, I did met with some of my brothers back in Koleq, just for a brief hang out. They were Jekbe, Apis, Pokwang,Anas & Daud. Sorry guys for not being able to watch that game between Malaysia and Vietnam with you guys. The final, maybe??Anyway, feels good to meet you guys again after all these years..

Speaking about studies, Alhamdulillah, it improves a bit. There's the catch, " a bit". Seems that I still cant find the missing jigsaw in this twisted puzzle of my studies. Just wish that Lady Luck would give a more tender smile next time.

Well, its just few days before I'm back to the things I should do best. Goodbye holiday. Till nex time..