Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Malaysia 3 - Indonesia 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Football matches are all meant to take its's die hard fans breath away, notably on finals I might say. Bukit Jalil was the faithful venue on which the Malaysian Football Team would be facing the might of their Indonesian counterparts. It was also the battle amongst us, the fans, and the raucous wrath of the highly-spirited Indonesian fans that came that night. There were us, me, Shahin, Pokwang, Jekbe and Ateng right there. We entered the stadium at an approximate 7 pm. Unlucky enough for us as the stairs were the only sitting places for us. Well, who gives a damn?

So there it was, the beginning of the first 90 minutes for this mouth-watering encounter of the two sides. The first-half was summed up in a quite boring fashion, almost resulting me to fall asleep. That would not have proven to be the case once the second-half began. The match was postponed for 6 minutes as a result fo some laser beams, claimed to be from the Malaysian fans. I got to say though, some cowardly act by the Indonesian players (they asked for these right before the Malaysians were to take a free-kick). So the beams are out of the equation, and just after that, the Malaysians scored. Not 1, not 2, but 3 goals in lightning fashion. Man, it was just so pleasant to see the sea of Yellows to go euphoric each time the ball hits the back of the net. So the match ended in a promising way for K. Rajagopal's men, with this historic scoreline :


Right after the match

OK, I'm over-reacting

Safee Sali, Ashari, and Safee Sali again. The scorer of this first leg of the final. Feels happy that the RM30 that I spent for the purchase of this match's ticket went to be very satisfying. I heard that the Indonesian fans are still berserking with the lost,claiming that it was nothing more than pure luck. Hope that the Malaysian team will do the best on the second-leg. 3-0 is a great lead, but nothing is exactly insurmountable, right?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

it aint cool...

It seems like it has been some sort of a new trend for the younger part of the generation nowadays. Having more than one boyfriend or girlfriend that is. To simplify, flirting. Its a fast-spreading plague. Its happening to almost everyone. even my closest companions.  No offense, but most of this flirting individuals does not have the most pleasant of all looks.  Most of this flirters are not that handsome or pretty. But still, going out on a date with different spouses every single day does not prove to be a problem for them.Not to mention how sickening most of this flirters daily behaviours is.  In all honesty, I dont know why do people flirts around. Sometimes I wonder, whats the "X-Factor" that sparked so many guys or girls to get attracted to them? Why do they flirt?

I heard stories that some flirts because of past tragedies, being cheated by their loved ones seems to be the most glamorous sentence. How weak for them, to retaliate for that with such stupidity. Some even do it for pleasure, having so many GF's of BF's turns them to think as if they're on the pinnacle of their hotness. Had to agree though, that does made them look hot, for the time being that is.

After srutinizing this phenomenon on my own, I do acknowledge this extra-ordinary talent of them. But come to think of it, all of them shared one same problem. They just can't find the right person, the main individual that is sincere in uttering that 3 sacred words. Yes, they might have a bizzare number of scandals, but to be offensive, who are those dimwits? I bet none of them have excellent academical qualifications, nor a good job. So, whats the point of bragging with the fact that you flirt with so many persons, if you could only attract those dumb-asses? Besides, be realistic, why does those guys @ girls even dated you? Come on, you gotta be kidding me if you say say that all of them were mezmerized with how "attractive" this flirters are,all at the same time,NONSENSE!!!. Most importantly, at the final chapter, who would actually be their soulmate, be the one who would spend the rest of their life with them? Thinking again, its not "acknowledge", "pity" seems to be the right word for these unlucky lads.

Still, I do respect others who are sincere, who are faithful to the ones they love. Being loyal, no matter how insuperable the problems they are facing with their loved ones are. For me, these are the men and women that I really looked up to. Relationship that is greater, no need in having many scandalous affairs whatsoever.

Wake up and smell the coffee fellas. People with brains will never flirt,nor cheat. Keep being faithful for the ones you love, my friends. Do believe me, sincerity will last for eternity...

Friday, December 17, 2010

once again , FINALLY.

That was sometime. I mean the tenure on which I last opened this website till the moment this post is written seems to be astonishingly long. To remark, I'm not that busy or anything, just kinda lazy to blog, perhaps. This holiday is anything but periodically satisfying, so I reckon its better for me to just sit at home, in my room, and do all sorts of detrimental stuffs I could possibly do.

Find a job?
Why should I even find one, I seldom hang out nowadays. That's why I thought since day 1.

A must for a law student. Just to get one exposed to what life in the legal field is all about prior upon graduating. Compulsory after finishing your 3rd year, but its never too early to go for it before that. Guess I might be doing it twice, once as a pre-exposure, the other one to fulfill the obligation.

This holiday might be short to say the least, but I did put on some great activities in it, just to make it less-boring. For instance, me an my UKM Law colleagues did arranged a trip to Singapore. It went well though. This one was the third time I went to this so-called Fine City. But I guess this one was the best, cause I stayed there a little longer than the previous two.

Life at home was filled with all mixtures of feelings,still, boredom was the one that prevail. My father had retired. He's home now 24/7 with no more annoying phone calls from the office,not to mention all sorts of work at the port. Thus contributing to this new and improve Abah, a less-petulant Abah. Me and my family will be moving back to our hometown one day, the place where my dad spent most of his childhood life at, the place where the moments there he cheerish the most. To be honest, I cant wait to go back there myself. Its peaceful there, no to mention how spirited I am to triumph in my studies everytime my feet is there.

Before I forget, I did met with some of my brothers back in Koleq, just for a brief hang out. They were Jekbe, Apis, Pokwang,Anas & Daud. Sorry guys for not being able to watch that game between Malaysia and Vietnam with you guys. The final, maybe??Anyway, feels good to meet you guys again after all these years..

Speaking about studies, Alhamdulillah, it improves a bit. There's the catch, " a bit". Seems that I still cant find the missing jigsaw in this twisted puzzle of my studies. Just wish that Lady Luck would give a more tender smile next time.

Well, its just few days before I'm back to the things I should do best. Goodbye holiday. Till nex time..

Friday, November 19, 2010

man this is just so hillarious!!!!!!!

To put the record straight, I'm a big fan of South Park. Those vulgar humours, satitrical lifestyle of the characters, man it makes  me burst into tearful laughters everytime me and my brother watches its episodes on the internet. Yet, beneath all those jokes, both Trey Parker and Matt Stone were rather succesful in blending all the elements of the "World- as we know it" to each and every episodes. You dont trust me? Just watch it. Almost every prominent world figures showed up in the series, parodically that is. Not to mention the way critics towards all sorts of stuff, from religions to politics were showed here.

This two dudes just cant stop themselves from encountering  new sinister ideas. Just now, my brother downloaded a movie called "Team America : World Police". The poster is up there. It parodies most Hollywood action films, adding all sorts of elements such as conspiracy, New World Order and of course, American politics. Just like South Park, it emphasis on what is happening today, presented in a rather disturbing and annoying manner. But the part of the movie which makes me laugh and think for awhile, is this quote from one of the main character.

"There are 3 types of people ; pussies,dicks and assholes. Pussies don't like dicks, because pussies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck assholes: assholes that just want to shit on everything. Pussies may think they can deal with assholes their way. But the only thing that can fuck an asshole is a dick, with some balls. The problem with dicks is: they fuck too much or fuck when it isn't appropriate - and it takes a pussy to show them that. But sometimes, pussies can be so full of shit that they become assholes themselves... because pussies are an inch and half away from ass holes. I don't know much about this crazy, crazy world, but I do know this: If you don't let us fuck this asshole, we're going to have our dicks and pussies all covered in shit! "

Ok that was explicit, to say the least. I've been sitting alone, trying to derive any reasonable interpretations from this quote. But the more I try, the more I started to get euphoric!!!! Matt and Trey, I just love you guys!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

home "sweet?" home

Is it over? I mean like, there's no more exams, right? Means that I can go home and fill my daily routine with all the unlimited enjoyment one normal boy could have, like playing FIFA 10 on the PS console, watching those great movies on TV all night long with no concern regarding anything and most importantly, spend most of my leisure time on my bed, right?

You know how it feels when a monkey climbs to your back,and begins to do all sorts of intimidating acts that will surely test your nerves? And then suddenly, you manage to remove it. Well thats what I felt after finishing my final paper of the semester. Flying colours? Hope so. Its been long since I had triumphed. Hope there will be a twist in this fate of mine. InsyaAllah.

I'm home. Nothing much to do. Plans? Still reckoning anything that might evade me from burgeoning this one type of unwanted feeling called "boredom".  Come to think of it, this holiday would be an ideal time for me to control my expenditure. I just hope that this plan wont back-fire. I'll run a test, on how sweet this holiday might turn out to be....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i hate it

I'm not being offensive or whatsoever you might possibly call it. But for this past few years, peoples, teenagers to be precise, has started to pick a certain type of T-Shirt to be their cup of tea. The obnoxious part regarding this stuff is what is written as its design. Here, I'll show you....

Hey,why don't you just write one long paragraph to indicate that?

Sorry ladies for using your picture. Hey, I love my mama too

To begin with, which wise guy is that "creative" to invent this detrimental stuff in the first place? Who cares if you love someone, there's other way to show it, no need to be explicit though. I know, maybe this new wave of  lame,boring "indie" music phenomenon (yucks!!) might have messed up with most of the youth nowadays. Maybe thats why the need for T-Shirts that would raise certain eye-brows are considered a need. To the one responsible in designing this shirts,come on, you make the users look horribly silly for God's sake.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

3 down,3 to go

To all the members off the floor,please stand up and give a big round of applause towards non-other than the owner of this blog, MUHAMMAD ALIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on!!!  bring on the circle pits for me yooo!!!!

Sorry for the rather inconvenient opening up there. Getting a little twisted this past few days, I think. It has only been not more than a week, but it turns out to be a galore of books,cases,and not to forget the mid-night oil burning. This saga will continue once I've return from home. This weeks that I've been going through is nothing less than pivotal. All this exams, its just so irritating, but important to say the least. The first 2 papers that I've endured might not be that tough. But the one that I've answered yesterday just made me left bewildered,scratching my head for most of that particular 2 hours and 15 minutes. It was a tough subject though, proving to be an arch-nemesis not just in my case, but my compatriots as well. Getting goosebumps prior to entering its lecture & tutorial is something normal for the whole semester. Tough-luck, maybe.

Now its down to 3. I have a whole week now to utilize. The problem is, studying at home have never been something easy to be accomplish. You can have all the wisdom, that strong sense of eagerness in that brain of yours to study. But how could a normal boy like me resist all those series of mid-night football on ESPN, videos on MTV and my all-time favourite, continuing movies once my hand pushes the number 4....1.....1 on my Astro decoder? Guess this moment of relaxation might be short-lived.

Well, like they all use to say, just live up to the moment. Come on Aliff, its only 3 papers left,why must that bugged you?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

aliff & exams

Exams are proving to be one hell of a pain in the neck, particularly in my case. Reminiscing my very first encounter with exams, I realized since day 1 that I would not be loving it. Then it goes on and on and on,bombarding me every year with all the torturous questions that could possibly be inflicted to any man on the street. Yet I did prevailed against two of the biggest exams ever. The first one proved to be a major turning point, as it helped me to gain entrance to my secondary school. It took me 3 years to realize that what I had achieved back then was almost, if not exactly, nothing. Then another huge exam showed up. Already rotten from the day of my previous exam, this one proved to be a much tougher nut to crack. Instead of 5, now I have to face 8 subjects. On the road to the faithful day of this exam, my life was transformed to a living Hell on Earth. I was threatened and belittled by almost everyone. But that year did taught me many things though. I remember, it was some few weeks before the day arrives. Some of us may had lost enough sanity, to the extend that we actually studied at the stairs just below the Physics Lab. Gadut, Jibong, Bacok and myself were among them. You guys remember that? Memorable, wasn't it? Then the night before we had to endure our first paper, all of us stood in front of the Form 3 classes before singing numerous songs. You know what, I broke down to tears everytime those flascbacks of that night passes through the screen of my brain. Funny, isn't it?

Then its the final chapter of my story as a schoolboy. The exam that would prove to be a larger bargain as it directed me to the field that I need to go. Frankly, thanks to this one, I made new friends all around Malaysia,largely due to the fact that I need to get exercise questions from other schools. Some of whom I knew were just for friends,knowing them for mere academical purposes. Yet some others were for different reasons, flirtuous reasons I supposed. A normal phenomenon, especially when you're studying at a boarding school. Nevertheless, thanks guys, really appreciate all the assists.

Then I entered a new alma-mater. I'm older, but not in anyway wiser. Its my cup of tea,but I played around too much. The same tough-luck would prove to be the case after I transferred to a new university.

Exams were created to enhance and measure the level of knowledge gained by a student. So, what did I gained after all these years of exams? Never really sure of that, guess I might be a little wacko with this upcoming examination of mine. Maybe that is the reason that triggered me to create this post at the first place.

To all of my trusted law compatriots, good luck to you guys. Try to memorize all those relevant acts and cases. I'm trying hard here myself . May we pass this one with flying colours.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

just let it be untitled.....

"Has anything you've done,you've gain so far, made your life better in any way? If it is so, persuade me to believe it......"

OK to begin with, it has never been something orthodox to be asked such questions by your dad, especially on the wake of your 8th month anniversary with your girlfriend. Yet guess what, it did happen. The question was uttered at an approximate 22 hours right before this particular post was written. Never knew why he even had the fundamental idea to ask this though, yet it did became a wake up call for me, sort of. His words for me are as subtle as the blowing wind. Yet, it carries with it a wisdom that makes people sit and think for awhile.

Today did not started as well as I would reasonably hope for. I had to endure a not-so-rare Motivation Session conducted by non other than (drum roll please....) my dad.

"Kau boleh tak cuba bawak kereta tu baik-baik sikit? Semalam dah habis RM 500 pasal nak betulkan stering kereta tu. Cuba ko fikir,kalau duit tu abah bagi buta-buta kat kau? Tak ke lagi baik?"

It was rather straight-forward. There is nothing subliminal about this one. Then before I could even pull the strings of myself back together, this one pops out :

" Cuba belajar berjimat sikit. Hargai barang yang ada. Jangan asyik nak beli yang bukan-bukan. 5 tahun abah hantar kau belajar jauh-jauh dulu, apa yang kau dapat? Fikir pasal masa depan,apa yang boleh guna dengan duit tu. Dulu elok je jaga duit, sekarang ni makin teruk la abah tengok kau ni. Belajar hancur, belanja tak menentu.."

Coming to my senses once more, my life had started to deteriorate since the past few months, financially to be exact. This never happened before during my earlier days here. That "red machine" that I've been using lately. There is without a shadow of a doubt that it is the root of all my downfall and continuing problems. I'm contemplating to leave it at home by the end of this semester though. Easier to be said than done, I reckon.....

Abah told me that I should control my expenses as my future's foundation. Man, guess I've been quite a spender now. Regardless of the fact that my father has been reluctant to lend me money nowadays, the way I live now seems to contribute to how pennyless I am.

After hours of consultations with my inner-self, I guess that I've found the ultimate solution. Guess it would be foolish of me to reveal it now. Just going to keep it as a secret....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

compilation.....for me.....

"You know, I didn't meant to utter all of these nonsence. But hey, its for your own good, I suppose. You are approaching the second decade of your living life on God's Earth. I watch you grew up to become this not-so-handsome lad right in front of me. On course of that, I kind of noticed some facts about you. You're not that kind,you're not that nice...but you're such a considerate kind of fellow. The world seldom witnessed the wrath of you anger. Still, you're quite nice towards all of your companions. Everytime you're scholded buy any of them, you stood on your ground,silently that is. You supported the one's you knew or love in every single way you could possibly manage. You tried to be Mr. Nice Guy for most of your daily life.

Straight to the point, where did all of those deeds led you to? I know, towards your own downfall to the darkest off all obscurity,right? Look at you, your life started a little brightly here back then. Now,is there still any brightness in it? You gave your trust,your love, your heart to the one's you believed, but did that in any way assist you in your own self-developement? You backed them up everytime they're facing difficulties. But did they carry such noble act for you in return? Just look at those guys. They are having a much better life right now.... and you, ended up being beneath their shadows,though primarily you're slightly better than them. Besides, its noticeable that you're such a caring guy to the one's you love. You sacrificed almost anything for them. Your tender love is so great that you acted as their father,giving dozens of advises for the sake of their well-being. One question, did they even give a damn on all your kind blabbers? They continued to do the things you tried to abstain them from doing so. So what is the value of your so-called "love"?

For your own sake, its time for you to enter a new age, a new era. The era of selfishness. Put in your tiny brain that no one should be trusted. They are only using you as a mere stepping stone. To simplify, you are an apparatus for them. You don't believe me? Try to leave that car of yours at home for a week,just  a week. Lets see how many friends,companions would you have for that particular 7 days. Think about yourself only onwards. Be free to do whatever you like,whenever you like. Don't be obstacled by anyone,even by the ones you cared about, besides your parents. Do not simply presume a friend you just knew for not that long to be a brother, nor a sister. Remember those boys that you knew for five years? Yes, they are the only brothers you could rely on.

For once in that miserable and catastrophic life of yours, please do not seek the truth from sentiments. Stop laying your trust towards others. Stop being treated like a rubbish by others. Be selfish, be hypocrite...that is who you are,right?"

Saturday, October 9, 2010

semangat yang hampeh

Daripada gua tingkatan 1 lagi,sampai la gua dah jadi budak universiti. Gua tak habis-habis akan nampak akan kewujudan satu jenis semangat ni. Gua tak faham, apa yang nak dibanggakan sangat dengan semangat ni?  Lu olang tau tak, negara kita ni dah la kecik, lu olang mau kasi lagi kecik ke? Jalan sana-sini,semua nak dengan orang negeri sama saja. Bapak tak ada life nye. Gua tak tuju  negeri bai,tapi lebih pada individu-individu yang terlebih semangat dengan negeri sendiri ni. Dah duduk dekat negeri orang tu, tak payah la nak buat klik-klik ni. Gua menyampah la bai. Orang negara luar punya la bersatu. Indonesia siap dah tetapkan hanya ada satu bangsa saja dekat negara tu (bangsa Indonesia), negara kita ni saja yang masih biarkan semangat ni wujud lagi.

Bagi gua la,semangat kenegerian ni sebenarnya tak ada nilai, tak ada "soul". Kata kan la lu lahir kat satu negeri ni,tapi mak bapak lu datang daripada negeri lain. Jadi celah mana nak dapat nilai semangat kenegerian ni? Semangat ni cuma ada pada loghat saja. Benda ni lain dengan semangat kesukuan @ kepuakkan. Sebagai contoh, semangat Iban, Kadazan, Bidayuh, Jawa, Minang, Banjar & Mandailing. Bahasa yang diorang guna,bukan nye loghat, tapi memang bahasa yang lain. Semangat suku @ puak ni,lu kena campak pergi negeri mana-mana pun, masih lagi ada "roh" nye tu. Bagi gua,ni lagi ade signifikan, kalau betul-betul nak ada sangat semangat-semangat macam ni la.

Bukan ape, gua dulu pun semangat negeri jugak. Tapi makin lama, otak gua yang kecik ni dah mula terbuka sikit. Tak payah la nak ada semangat macam ni,lagi memecah-belahkan negara kita ni saja. Setakat semangat negeri masa tengok bola,lain cerita la. Kalau dah melibatkan benda-benda lain,gua rasa tak ada makna nya. Pusing mana-mana pun,we're still made in Malaysia...

Sekian gua merapu..

Saturday, October 2, 2010

resolusi oktober

Pejam celik,pejam celik.......dah masuk bulan ke-10 dalam kalendar Masihi. Ya murid-murid sekalian, kita dah masuk bulan Oktober. Apakah yang telah anda dapat sepanjang tahun ini? Telahkah anda menjadi seorang insan yang lebih berinovasi serta berketrampilan? Jika ditanya kepada sang penulis karya merepek "dungeon of doom" ini,sudah semestinya jawapan yang akan terpacul daripda mulutnya yang comel dan berkerak ini......TIDAK.  Dah 2 semester gua buat jahanam kepada diri gua sendiri. Gua dah tak sanggup bai hidup macam ini. Dah ramai kawan-kawan gua yang dulu hampeh daripada gua sekarang dah makin mantap. Apa cer dengan gua? Makin teruk,merudum,merapu dan yang sedaerah dengannya. Poket gua pun dah makin cepat kering,study pun macam dulu,tak menentuBoros sangat ke gua semester ni?. Padahal masa mula-mula sampai sini dulu OK je semua. Start semester 2 ni la hidup gua jadi macam haram. Ke-HARAM-man ni berkesinambungan sehinggalah ke semester yang baru. Jadi, sambil-sambil makan roti jala yang mak gua buat pagi tadi,gua nak jadi lebih skema daripada dulu. Gua ada buat list dalam kepala otak gua, yang akan gua zahirkan di bawah ini...

Resolusi yang langsi
  1. Belanja kurang daripada RM 10 sehari (tertakluk kepada sebarang pindaan)
  2. Makan dekat tempat yang murah-murah sahaja
  3. Kurangkan penggunaan kereta secara kerap. Ini adalah efisien dalam mengelakkan penggunaan minyak petrol F1 97 Esso yang berpatutan harganya dewasa ini.
  4. Mengurangkan kadar penghijrahan ke tempat-tempat yang tak wajar,lebih baik duduk di kolej. Meja,kerusi serta buku-buku ilmiah adalah teman di dalam bilik.
  5. Habiskan masa di fakulti. Cari kes-kes serta soalan-soalan peperiksaan tahun lepas.
  6. Sebarang bentuk pengaruh tidak berpatutan daripada mana-mana pihak berkaitan perkara yang tiada kena-mengena dengan Peperiksaan Akhir akan dipertimbangkan secara berat sebelah. Tidak akan bertanggungjawab sekiranya tidak dilayan langsung.
  7. Tidak akan berpihak kepada mana-mana pihak yang bertegang urat.
Gua rasa itu saja la kot. Tak tau la gua boleh buat semua ke tak. Tapi memang gua nak buat,pasal hidup gua tenang masa semester 1 dulu, pasal gua buat hampir semua benda ni. Mungkin gua kena pentingkan diri sendiri dulu,daripada fikirkan nak jaga hati orang yang bukan semua reti jaga hati gua balik. Kalau ada pihak-pihak yang kurang senang,tak puas hati atau terasa hati, gua ada 2 huruf nak bagi kat lu olang...


Lu teka la sendiri apa signifikan dua huruf ni..sekian.......

Thursday, September 23, 2010

between me and you

For the past 20 year, the world keeps on comparing,distinguishing between the both of us. I know it seems silly,but then again,not even you can deny the truthfullness of this fact,right? From the way we dress,we walk,we talk,every single aspect,even the dumbest of all things. You were born an orphan, the youngest of four. You told me how hard the life was back in those black and white days. Yet none of this were to become an obstacle for you. You strive the hardest amongst all,achieving so many success in your life. You studied both domestically and internationally. In continuation, you became what you always wanted,your cup of tea. You contributed so much for the past few decades to your job. Your were gifted with a a great mind and vision. Applauses and compliments were given from every angle. Each and everyday you grew proud of yourself. Well,you deserve it though.

Then came....ME. The one you thought would be the heir to all your success. I grew up admiring you,acknowlodging each an everything you do.You taught me with everthing you knew. I knew, you wanted me to be just like you. But come on,you knew deep down, I am nothing more than a failure, right? I entered 3 different,yet prestigous alma maters. How does that contributed to my self-developement? Does that make me a different person at his own level? Just look at me, I am nothing even an inch close to you. I seldom past any of my test with flying colours. The one's which even did might just be my luck, I guess. I'm badly organized,not to mention the level of clumsiness I could offer. I didn't went to study abroad, though I dreamt(might just always be a dream) to do so. I'm a jerk, a worthless piece of junk. Yet you never tell it straight to my face.,maybe you still have that tiny inch of believe that I could change.

I don't know, whether you still trust me, or slowly losing it. Remember back a few years ago,how harsh you treated me? How you looked down on me regarding many things such as my examination results,the way I look,even to the girls I tried to date. Remember how I retaliated? All those devious acts I've done in the past....you...yes,you were the catapulting catalyst that made me insane enough to carry such act. We keep on arguing for most of the time. I have no place to roam. Thus, I turned to my friends,my beloved blood-brothers who keeps on standing next to me through thick or thin....

You know what, I respect you in any reasonable circumstances. You are my mentor. Yet to be honest, I do despise you in certain ways. From day to day, I knew, both of us were not meant to be parallel. I tried,but I can't. Like I said earlier, I am nothing like you. Maybe I am not destined to be as accomplished,as well-organized like you. It's okay if you look at me as a mere regrettable creature...I just want you to know,I'm sorry..............

Monday, September 13, 2010

1 Syawal

Pada detik jari gua menulis karangan merepek ini, bulan Syawal sudah pun menjengah hari yang keempat. Bersyukur ke hadrat Illahi, bulan Ramadhan yang penuh barakah telah gua lalui. Dengan jaya atau tak,itu berserah pada-Nya. Gua pun tak tau la,sama ada bulan Ramadhan yang baru lepas ni telah gua penuhi dengan aktivti yang baik atau tak. Harap2,semua amalan gua dari sekecik biji kurma yang gua selalu main campak kat adik gua, hinggalah sebesar kapal kargo yang selalu berlabuh kat Pelabuhan Klang ni diterima Allah.  Perjalanan gua pulang ke kampung halaman di Batu 17, Ayer Tawar, Perak bermula pada hari terakhir puasa, di mana roket yang dipandu bapak gua akan berlepas dengan kelajuan 170km/J. Setelah melakukan pendaratan dengan aman di kawasan dituju, kami pun berehat. Kampung gua ni aneh sikit. Walaupun dalam negeri Perak,rata-rata orang dekat sini cakap bahasa Mandailing,jarang cakap Perak. Nasib gua faham dua2. Malam sebelum raya gua pergi jalan2 dekat Lumut. Gua agak terkejut beruk bila tengok Lumut sekarang dah ada Bazaar Rakyat. OK la,kira Datuk Seri Dr Zambry ni ada la jugak bagi sesuatu kat penduduk dekat sini. Lepas tu,"si dia" call gua. 1st time beraya dengan orang baru,orang baru yang sayangkan gua. Adoi sangap sungguh gua ni. Sayang dia sangat2!!

Pada pagi 1 Syawal,kami sekeluarga bergerak ke masjid untuk Solat Aidilftri.

Masjid tempat gua Solat raya setiap tahun.

Masjid ni semakin lama semakin maju. Dah ada air-cond,tu yang penting. Habis saja solat ialah masa paling mantap bagi gua. Masa ni la nak berpeluk,bersalam dengan semua saudara mara gua. Gua rasa bangga bila tengok rata-rata orang kampung gua yang turun masa solat raya ni,semuanya berjaya dalam bidang masing-masing. Antaranya, Datuk Zulhasnan Najib Baharudin, yang kini menjawat jawatan Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Narkotik, Ibu Pejabat Bukit Aman. Jawatan ni tinggi bai,betul2 bawah Timbalan Ketua Polis Negara. Tak gua lupakan Datuk Abdul Rahim Uda, kini Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Terengganu. Dulu masa dia Penasihat Undang-Undang Negeri Perak,gua pernah ziarah dia dengan abah. Mungkin beliau la sebab gua mula-mula terfikir nak belajar undang-undang dulu. Rasa bangga jugak la,hampir tiap2 raya dapat jabat tangan dengan mereka. Tapi gua sampai sekarang masih tak puas hati,pasal Tan Sri Alimuddin Mohd Dom,Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran Malaysia kini,dah lama tak balik kampung. Beliau pernah jadi pengetua sekolah gua selama 5 tahun,1999-2003. Gua ingat lagi,masa gua mula2 masuk sekolah menengah dulu,bapak gua yang cakap, Pengetua sekolah kau ni orang kampung kita. Beliau cukup mesra. Sampai ke tahap dia selesa budak-budak panggil dia "Ayahanda". Beliau ni sangat la disukai semua warga sekolah gua. Lemah-lembut,mesra tapi tegas. Batch gua, MC0307 banyak terhutang budi dengan beliau. Terima kasih Ayahanda. Harap kami dapat bertenu Ayahanda.
Melihat mereka ni, gua rasa bangga. Sekurang-kurangnya masa balik raya ni,dapat la gua sikit motivasi nak berjaya. Agak segan la bila diorang tanya; "Are you reading law?" "How's your result?". Adoi memang malu la nak cakap. Tapi tak apa, gua akan try dapat keputusan yang lebih mantap semester ni. InsyaAllah.

Gua punya Pak Long

Bersama Khair Azim,budak sekolah merangkap orang kampung gua

Habis saja solat,gua bergerak ke kubur. Ziarah kubur arwah atuk

Jangan usha gua,usha venue tempat gua bergambar.

Ni dekat rumah mak ngah. Bapak gua lepas geram.
ni dekat Istana Raja Bilah, Papan.

Abang Eja, Abah, Aban Cik

Kami sempat ziarah tanah abah kejap. Mungkin pasal belum musim,jadi tak ada buah. Bapak gua rancang nak balik sini lepas bersara.

Pendek kata,sepanjang hari pertama Raya ni tak banyak yang gua buat. Nama pun hari 1st. Lepas ni mungkin gua nak ziarah rumah2 kawan gua,specially yang dah nak pulang belajar ke seberang laut. InsyaAllah,gua datang raya rumah lu.

Kepada abah,mak,adik, "dia" yang gua sayang, rakan-rakan, dan seluruh umat Islam,gua nak ucap..

Selamat Hari Raya
Maaf Zahir & Batin

Monday, September 6, 2010

what's with all this nonsence?

The Pendet dance. The song "Burung Kakak Tua". Batik........ Not really some concrete reasons for you to be dissatisfied with,to actually cause street -violence nationwide . Ironically, that is what happening right there in Indonesia. Claiming that all of those are some stolen heritage from their country, some violence demonstration were conducted there. Adding to the agony, the arrest off 3 Indonesian Fisheries Officers has made the matter worsen from day to day.

As referred to the above picture, the pride of our country, the Jalur Gemilang is rudely mistreated. Rather than to be waved proudly high above the flag pole, it is used as if it is nothing more than a mere carpet that you usually found in every living room. I don't know about you guys, but personally I found this picture really disturbing. Besides this uncivilized action, it was also reported that faeces, yes, faeces were thrown to the Malaysian Embassy. How could things become worse? God knows.

Come to think of it, were our previous actions so unspeakeably cruel to the extend that they retaliated with such unhumanity? For the past years, the Malaysian Government had been so considerate in regards of allowing so many immigrants, largely Indonesians, to cross the border. No to forget the fact that how the Malaysian, both Government an NGO'S, were so generous in lending their helping hands to Indonesia, most notably during the Tsunami tragedy. Sadly, how did they repay us? Just because of the arrest of those three officers, it seems like all our good deeds had gone through thin air, lost from their memories. Even a Malaysian movie critic, Mansor Puteh has a say on this. On his statement, he said that it is quite an eyebrow-raising situation, that when a group of Indonesian extremist threatened to inflict danger to Malaysian whose currently staying in Indonesia, and the Local Authorities did not show any reasonable action to cope with this. Does this show directly that the whole country is giving their  blessings to all these rude actions? Once again, God knows.....

 According to the Indonesian Sociological Research Director, Khairuddin Harahap, most street demonstrations in Indonesia were carried out by people who are not even aware of what they are demonstrating about.Most of them are slumdogs,living under bridges or may not even have a home at all. They were hired by certain groups to do their dirty game, rather than to do it themselves. The payment; money, food & cigarretes. This leads us to another question, why are they doing this? Some critics have said that showing their dissatisfaction to Malaysia may not be the sole reason for all of this  to occur. A message was to be extracted from it, in a subliminal method that is.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the Indonesian President

From my mere point of view, it may looked as if Malaysian is the one bombarded with all of this problems. On the surface, that may be the case. However, seems like the real target of all this is the man above. This is all the methods in bringing him down. All his rivals knew that through Elections, SBY would be a tough nut to crack. Thus, raising this issues seems to be the ideal way to bring him and his regime down to the ground. Come on,lets think for a second. Lately the issue of Indonesian housemates being tortured by their Malaysian employers was suddenly raised. Frankly speaking, this housemates are having a much hellacious life in other countries such as Saudi Arabia and China. Yet, Malaysia seems to be the one blamed for largely all of it.

As a Malaysian, there is no denying the fact that how it reaps my heart out, to see our prestigious flag being mistreated, especially in the patriotic month of August. For me, the level of intimacy between both nations should be increased. It is vital for both nation to look back on the ethnicity diaspora that there are so many Indonesian tribes that migrated to Malaysia as early as the 17th century. For example, we could found so many Javanese men living in Muar,Sabak Bernam, Kuala Selangor and Hutan Melintang. Not to forget the Mandailing people of Sumatera like myself,who are living mostly in Perak,Selangor & Negeri Sembilan.

The 1st generations of Mandailing in Perak

Since I was a child, I learnt through my father that my ancestors ,the Mandaling people, were from Tapanuli Selatan, Northern of Sumatera. Migrating to Perak as their first settlement on the aftermath of the Padri War, they have chosen Ayer Tawar, Pusing, Bruas, Batu Gajah and Gopeng as their place in search of a new life far away from their homeland.

Tapanuli Selatan, Sumatera

Since arrival, my ancestors have vow to serve their newly-found home with all their heart. They have forgotten their place of origin, Sumatera, or Indonesia as a whole. Yet, there is no denial that most of us still misses our homeland. Maybe that is the main reason that triggered me to write this long sketch. Deep inside my heart's core, I still have that feeling that Indonesia, Sumatera to be specific, is my home. Both countries should be united with brotherly-bond. That is why it saddens me to see that the good relationship between both neighbouring nations are on the verge of a serious threat,thanks to the action of some irresponsible being who blindly acts on the order of political agenda's. Besides, doesn't it seems to be even sad, if this "war" is happening between those who shared the same sacred vow, that Allah is the Supreme God & Muhammad is His Messenger?

There is no point to argue on the dumbest of all subjects. There are a lot of other matters that needs to be look into. Economy,developement , health, etc. Just stop all of this stupidity and think on a better future up ahead....

Saturday, September 4, 2010

that night......

For the past centuries, it was said to be a gift, a present to the followers of Muhammad. Coming once in a year, in accordance with the Hijri Calendar, the night was regarded as such a sacred night, to the extend that even a thousand months would not be sufficiently  parallel to it's holyness....

To be specific, the night of Lailatul Qadar comes in every Ramadhan, the ninth month of this particular calendar. Ramadhan is a a tough month. Well, the term "Ramadhan" itself is translated as "hot". You are actually abstaining yourselves from most of  any pleasurable humanly activities such as having a meal,smoking some cigarretes and even engaging in sexual intercourse from morning till dawn for the whole month. Yet, this is the month where every Muslim should devote themselves  to as many spiritual activities as they could  possibly manage. Prayers, Quran recitings and any good deeds are advisable.  Back in those days at the Hijjaz Peninsular, the 1st generation of Muslims gained their strenghs and courageness all thanks to Ramadhan..

Then it comes to that night. No one, not even the pious of all Muslims scholars know when it will come. Yet, it is said that it is on the final chapter, the last 10 days of Ramadhan. On this night, the Gates of Heaven shall be open. The Angels will be descended to Earth by Allah. All your prayers shall be ascended. But the jewel of the crown, is that all your good deeds will be measured and awarded on a higher value,compared to on any normal occasions.

The month of Syawal is already around the corner. Somehow, the level of eagerness among the Muslims nowadays to hunt the greatness of this night before Ramadhan ends, is astonishingly very poor. Instead of Lailatul Qadar, people are more attracted to Lailatul Kamdar.

 I may not be pious myself, but at least I am searching for it. Lets have this one simple presumption, what would actually happened if this Ramadhan turns out to be our last? What if we  die,living this enjoyable environment called "life", without even having a slight taste of this great night?

This is the final chapter. Seems like the clouds are so generous in pouring down its rain this pass  few nights. Could it be a sign? Only Allah knows, thats for sure. Lets just prat that it is not too late....

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

53 years........

With a blink of an eye, it has been 53 years since this beloved nation of mine gained it's independence. A lot of things has changed though. Rather than watching the wave of the Union Jack fills the atmosphere here, the country is proud to have its own prestigious stripe, better known as the Jalur Gemilang. I may not be lucky (maybe unlucky,in an opposite circumstance) to live during those hard and painful days, where almost every citizen were having such an extremely low self-esteem, to the extend that WE, the rightful owner of this sacred land needs to learn how to speak with this colonial batallion's languages, this parasites roaming on our country's mother-tounge, just so that it will be easy to converse with them on a daily basis. My father once told me, that the Japanese will cruelly chop off the heads of the local citizen, if they failed to understand the order that was given to them, in Japanese! In addition, this intruders from The Land of The Rising Sun would regularly be doing spot-checks from house to house, just to ensure that there are no radio, yes, radio equipped in this citizen's home. Life was said to be slightly better after the surrendering of the Japanese to the British, but nevertheless, what is a clear distinction between being colonized by an Asian or by an European? You are still living no different than a refugee on your own land.

Come to think of it, how can a normal homo sapien be living in such hardship? After the roar of "Merdeka!" by Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj marked the end of centuries of the colonial era, domestic problems began to occur. The Communism Ideology began to gain widespread influence from many local individuals, resulting in a a new form of terror not just in the country, but the whole world thoroughly. Luckily, this threat was finally put to an absolute end with the exile of its de facto leader, Ong  Boon Hua, better known as Chin Peng.

Since then, the country has enjoyed the taste of peacefullness for quite sometime. Numerous success has been achieved. Developement in so many different fields and sectors has made Malaysia a household name not just in the Asian region, but internationally as well. Come to think of it, will this heavenly situation last for long? Or will it be nothing more like an evening rain? 53 years has passed. I don't know about you guys, but I am quite familiar with one quote, that is ;

"the more things change, the more things will remain the same..."

The country has changed a lot. But honestly, we are still arguably colonized in one or a few topics right? Independence is great. Being free from any outside interference is awesome. But maintaining it,that is a whole new story. We, the future citizen, the future of this land should be the backbone in maintaining these freedom. Let us not let any negative doctrines to fill our minds. Back in school, I learnt that Unity is Strength. That is the motto that should be carved in every youth's mind and heart. Do not let any form of differences to tear us apart. Appreciate this freedom, for the sake of our nation and it's future...

Happy Independence Day

Friday, August 27, 2010

legenda Padang C kembali.....

Benda ni dah lama,tapi gua peduli ape,gua nak update jugak. 2 minggu yang lepas,batch gua buat Annual Futsal. Mula2 bajet nak buat dekat Sports Planet Shah Alam. Last2, tukar dekat HTO Subang. Time ni ramai adik beradik gua yang belajar dekat seberang laut dah pulang bercuti. A veri appropriate time for a mini-gathering, I suppose. Gua gerak dari Bangi ke Purajaya dulu,pasal nak ambil Jekbe dekat Alamanda dulu. Berkat arahan dari dia,kami pun sampai ke Subang. 1st stop,rumah Apis. Then bergerak lah kami ke HTO. Sumpah best dapat main futsal sama-sama balik,teringat kenangan dekat padang C, dimana gua telah mengukir nama sebagai penjaring terbanyak hampir setiap petang


setiap sedutan membawa padah..tapi takpe,sape yang tak main leh isap..



L for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

apa yang tersurat dan tersirat..........

Hari ini hari Nuzul Quran, hari di mana ayat Al-Quran diwahyukan kepada junjungan besar kita , Rasulullah S.A.W. In conjuction with this event, sesetengah negeri bercuti bagi meraikan hari ni. Ini termasuklah negeri tumpangan gua ni. Hari ni gua pagi-pagi dah sampai rumah. Benda pertama gua cari, FIFA 10. Habis saja main,gua rasa boring. Tiba2 gua dengar 1 suara dekat ruang tamu. Gua tak tau ayat yang keberapa,tapi gua tau itu suara mak gua sedang baca Al-Quran,surah An-Nahlu. Tak tau la nape,gua pun tergerak nak ikut dia baca sekali. Gu baca tak banyak,satu muka surat saja pun. Tapi lepas habis baca,gua rasa best. Hilang boring. Maybe ni la kot berkat baca Al-Quran time bulan puasa ni,lagi-lagi time Nuzul Quran.

Sekarang ni tengah bulan Ramadhan. Bulan ni la bulan untuk semua umat Islam lipat-gandakan amalan. Alhamdulillah,sekarang gua dah mula baca Al-Quran at least 1 page 1 hari. OK la,walaupun sikit. Yang penting bagi gua,konsisten. Sekarang gua dah mula rasa tenang,rasa best. Yang gua rasa tak best ni cuma perangai sesetengah manusia dalam bulan ni. Gua tau la,lu olang maybe orang bandar,atau maybe tak  biasa berada dalam suasana Ramadhan. Maybe pasal depa ni biasa membesar kat bandar-bandar macam New York, California, London, Paris atau Toronto, menyebabkan depa ni dah tak biasa dengan budaya berpuasa dekat Malaysia ni. Tapi kalau ye pun,hormatlah sikit. Kalau dah muka tu Melayu,jaga la sikit diri time bulan puasa ni. Contohnya, penampilan. Gua tau la lu mat rocker,nak pergi mana-mana kena pakai santing2,rantai,gelang besi dan macam-maca lagi. Tapi time bulan puasa ni, jaga la sikit. Dressing tu biar la elok-elok,tak payah la nak tunjuk lu tu brutal sangat. Buat malu orang Islam je. Yang kaum Hawa pulak cuba la cover sikit. Bukannya orang suruh terus pakai tudung litup, tapi at least pakaian yangs sedia ada tu jaga la. Tak payah la buat free-show dekat sini,buat pahala puasa gua kurang je. Habis Puasa nanti lain la. Lagi pun korang belajar dekat Malaysia saja pun. Gua ada ramai member2 yang pergi oversea,tapi dressing diorang rilek je,tak ada pun nak nonjol. Yang korang ni,dok terperap dekat Malaysia ni,sedarlah diri tu siapa.

Gua malam-malam sedih dan bengang jugak. Bila gua nak pergi Tarawikh,gua nampak ada orang-orang serumpun dengan gua boleh dok lepak lagi depan kolej. Orang punya la dok berpusu-pusu pergi masjid,diorang leh buat muka toye sambil isap rokok. Adoi maybe diorang ni dah konfem masuk syurga kot. Maybe la..

Buka ape,masa Ramadhan ni la bagi gua masa untuk sedar sikit. Yang susah sangat nak solat tu,solat la masa ni. Apa yang susah sangat? Lu ni spoil sangat ke.otai sangat ke,SAMSENG SANGAT KE?? Susah bebeno nak jaga solat,padahal orang kampung dok ulu je pun. Tadi ada member gua story, dia kata dia ni tak pernah tinggal solat atau puasa. Tapi 1 cikaro pun tak nak kat dia. Orang2 lain ramai je yang nak. Gua bila fikir2 balik, apa yang lu nak risau bai? Lu solat doh,awek mana yang tak nak buat lu jadi laki diorang? Minah2 cun dan mamat2 macho yang ramai peminat,tapi tak jaga kerohanian ni,lu ingat ada orang ke yang nak ambil jadi laki atau bini? Paling hebat pun jadi skandal atau couple saja la. Tak percaya,tengok nanti. Ada tak orang yang sudi kahwin dengan diorang? Last2,orang macam lu yang jaga solat ni jugak yang awek akan dok terhegeh-hegeh nak. Lagi satu,orang yang dok berlagak jadi playboy atau playgirl ni,ape yang lu olang nak bangga bai? Sapa yang bodoh sangat nak kat lu tu? Diorang semua tu betul2 ke suka sama lu? Most importantly,ade ke dari semua tu yang nak ambil lu jadi teman hidup? Ada ke yang sanggup terima jadi menantu? Solat tak jaga,puasa pun kadang-kadang. Tak payah bajet la wei. Biar diri ini tak hot di mata manusia,tapi hot di sisi Illahi....

Gua sekarang ni dah mula rasa best sikit. Maybe masih bermasalah kewangan,tapi hati dah mula tenang. Gua bersyukur,gua berharap Allah akan terus bantu gua dalam mengharungi bulan ni...insyaAllah..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Quite awhile..................not sure why though. It seems my tendency to open this page has been decreasing for this past few months. My previous post might tell the whole story,but no all,I guess. I'm a little bit busy,doing sorts of rigmarole since the beginning of this hectic semester. My wallet are getting lighter each and every week. I need to go back home almost every f***ing weekends,just to get down on my knees in front of my dad,the only way to re-fill the emptiness in my pocket. I am now going through a special month, a month they call Ramadhan. One of the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. More than a week of this month had passed,yet I feel that there is nothing to it. I go the mosque almost every night,performing the Tarawikh prayers. But this awkward feeling of obscurity and frustration keeps on bugging me. Maybe those nights at the mosque were not enough for me to get rewarded from Him. I seldom read the Holy Qoran nowadays, or even performing the Dhoha prayers in the morning even if I have that little leisure time. I miss those days back in Kuala Kangsar. Back then, I may not be the most cunning or loveable of all of students, but still, I spent most of my Ramadhan in the surau from day to day. This new life of mine might have tones of freedom, but spiritually, I am getting worse. Reminiscing those days makes me remember, how I went through this fasting months without the love of both my parents as I was staying in a boarding school. Instead of breaking fast with them, I am doing it with a new bunch of guys, a bunch of guys that now I consider my blood-brothers. Remembering all those hard times we shared together, it makes me happy,makes me smile. I never thaught of getting into drugs,being a notorious school gangster or even getting involve in any nonsence puppy-love syndromes, because I have you guys to feel my life with all sorts of laughter,happiness and most importantly,brotherly-love. Thanks guys. Jom Murni!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting back to my core business,studying. I might say that it started quiet brightly, I fell in love with two Islamic Law subjects. Hope to score A's on both subjects. Still a long way to go. I have started planning on my future. I am a kind of guy who will never be satisfied in any circumstances. I still have some other things to fulfill after this four years,and I'm not going to let anything or even anyone to be an obstacle for me in reaching it. Jealousy...yes,jealousy. This is the element that droves me in reaching my goal. He has been looking down on me since school. I'll prove to him one day, I might be living with your cash,but sooner or later, I'll be a filthier man with tones of money of my own.

Right now,there is nothing more vital for me than to study. This is my priority. I'm not here for enjoyment,I'm not here to be in any serious relationships(yet I am right now). Hope there is a bright light at the end of this dark tunnel I am passing through. It has been years since I was a notorious guy.....I am not looking back.

Ramadhan is not over yet. God,give me that strength..that strength for me to feel this Holy Month of Yours with all the Blessfull deeds that I could possibly manage.....

Monday, August 2, 2010


gua dah lama tak update gua nye blog ni. bapak berhabuknye bila gua bukak. sawang sana-sini,siap berdaki lagi. Bermulanya semester baru di sini, lebih kurang macam dulu jugak, bermula dengan kesengalan yang tak dapat gua rungkaikan melalui keyboard Laptop Asus gua ni. Masuk saja Tahun 2 ni, memang gua dah mula sengal-sengal ubi pasal result gua before ni untuk sekian kali nye lingkup. Result exam gua jatuh, tak macam-macam member gua yang lain, semua meningkat tahap dewa. Frust,tension,bengang,rasa macam nak pulas perut sendiri pun ada. Gua tak tau mana silap. Dulu masa 1st sem,time ramai member2 gua yang result merudum,result gua boleh pulak OK. Takde la sampai tahap gempak,tapi ok la nak bandingkan dengan yang lain,hampir la jugak mencapai target. Tapi exam baru ni,totally out. Bapak gua tau,memang dia redha dan menerima dengan hati yang terbuka sebenarnya kan? Sepanjang dekat rumah, semua yang gua buat, semua salah,semua serba tak kena,semua tak betul, semua pasal result gua yang mantap ni. Kalau dulu, bapak atau atuk gua ada la jugak bekalkan duit belanja, sekarang ni bagi duit serupa tak bagi duit saja,time nak hulur duit tu pun tak pandang muka gua,tau la muka gua ni muka loser,tak hensem pulak tu.... kalau dulu gua miskin,sekarang gua rasa dah jatuh tahap fakir dah...

Gua frust gila duduk rumah. Bukak saja semester baru, gua terus chow dari rumah,bajet nak peace dekat sini. Korang rasa gua dapat peace tak?? Disebabkan result gua yang mantap ni, gua tak dapat ambil lebih dari 20 unit. Gua pun apply la nak tambah kredit dekat ofis FUU, tapi tak lulus pasal ada kesilapan masa gua apply. Terima kasih banyak-banyak gua nak ucap kepada Kerani ofis tu pasal tak bagitau gua awal-awal apa yang tak kena dengan borang permohonan gua tu. Hasilnya, gua still tak boleh tambah kredit, maka kena la tangguh untuk buat subjek2 yang tak penting ni ke semester lain. Sekarang gua dah mula serabut, nak buat short-sem ke tak nak??? Gua plan nak buat attachment cuti ni,tapi larat ke gua nak buat 2 subjek sengal ni dalam 1 sem?? Serabut!!

Maka bergembiralah gua di Kolej kediaman gua ni. Gua pun terpaksa la register ko-k yang sampai sekarang gua tak tau ape kejadahnya yang gua ambik tadi.

Sekarang ni gua tengah buat assignment . Bak kata pepatah,sambil menyelam, minum la 2-3 teguk air. So gua pun ambil kesempatan ni untuk update blog. Lu olang rasa kan,nasib gua boleh jadi lagi malang tak? Gua rindu gila babi masa 1st year 1st sem. Masa tu hidup gua agak teratur dari sekarang. Hasilnya,result gua time tu ok,walaupun tak la gempak mana. Naik saja 2nd sem,semua lingkup. Pasal result yang hancur tu,berduyun2 nasib malang datang hempap gua. Entah la bai,memang nasib gua nak jadi macam ni kot. Tiba-tiba gua terfikr,maybe gua patut buat macam kat koleq dulu. Gua patut persetankan semua orang,asalkan gua selamat,gua berjaya. Bapak gua ade nasihat dengan penuh tak ikhlas sebelum gua masuk 2nd year ni. Dia cakap, "hypocrisy is the short-cut to success". Gua cuba fikir-fikir balik ape la yang tersirat di sebalik ayat bapak gua ni?

Gua tak tau la macam mana sem baru ni akan berakhir,gua just berdoa ke hadrat Illahi semoga gua jadi lagi baik...........

Friday, July 16, 2010


Semuanya bermula secara tak sengaja. Gua saja pergi Subang Jaya,nak lepak dengan Anas & Hafiz. Time tengah makan-makan dekat Subang Parade, tiba-tiba timbul idea nak balik Kuale, tempah kami menelaah ilmu selama separuh dekad. Nak ambil sijil SPM dengan 1119. Masa tu dah ramai member2 yang dah start belajar balik,specially budak UiTM. Jadi tak ramai la yang dapat pergi Pada hari Khamis berikutnya, gua, Anas, Hafiz & Jekbe memulakan perjalanan dari Subang Jaya ke Kuala Kangsar dengan menaiki Naza milik Anas. Lebih kurang 3 jam, maka nampak la petanda yang kami dah nak sampai.

Simpang ke Kuala Kangsar.

Masuk2 je bandar ni, gua terkejut jugak. Dah maju,bangunan2 baru pun dah banyak . Yang paling gua tak tahan, Kuale udoh ade Pizza Hut yob!!! Ate idok le teman tau bile dibuatnye, tau2 udoh terponggo depan mata. Seronok betul budak2 sini sekarang,tak ada la nak makan2 dekat KFC je. Dah ade alternatif lain.

Tanpa menoleh ke belakang,kami berempat pun melangkah masuk ke alma mater lama kami. Sampai2 je Foyer, sekali lagi gua terkejut. Ada satu menatang ape entah dok melekat kat atas dinding tu.

Ni la menatang tu. Kan ke lagi baik deme letak dekat Common Room,boleh le budak2 tengok world cup in HD.

1st stop in Koleq,pejabat. Nama pun nak ambil sijil. Lepas tu ke bilik guru. Ramai jugak cikgu2 lama masih ada dekat sini macam Cikgu Faridah, Cikgu Azian, Cikgu Rosnani & Ustaz Khainuri. Sebelum kami blah, kami sempat jugak bergamba dekat sini

4 musketeers in front of Big School

New Hostel, asrama Form 2
Kami pergi pekena Laksa dengan Cendol dekat Lembah kejap. Lepas tu , kami pun bertolak balik. Nak makan dekat Murni,dengar cite Chicken Chop dia best.
1 hari saja..tak lama pun. Apa yang gua dapat tengok,specially generasi baru budak Koleq ni, manners sangat kurang. Mencarut tak tentu pasal, dengan kami pun tak hormat,macam ni ke budak Koleq@ MCKK yang patu dibanggakan? "Ghope ini budak MC??",cakap orang Kuale. Maybe pasal dimanjakan sangat,tak pernah kena yang macam gua dengan member2 kena dulu, so diorang naik kepala. Sumpah, gua rasa kemanisan hidup dekat sini dah tak ada. Semuanya Academic atau Exam-Oriented. Belajar, belajar & belajar. Budak-budak jadi tak ade life. Gua bukan nak cakap yang Ord, Fly, Kirik, dan perkara2 sewaktu dengannya tu baik dan patut dijadikan amalan seharian. Tapi come on, think outside the box. Contohnya, Sampai sekarang gua rasa Koleq la satu-satunya SBP yang ada Prep Pagi masa hari Ahad. Last2,bukannya result PMR dengan SPM makin baik,makin merudum ade la gua tengok. Jangan la tekan budak2 sangat. Life kat sini bukan untuk study saja, life dekat sini untuk persediaan pada masa depan sebenarnya.
Pernah tak lu orang rasa, macam mana best nye balik kampung? Walaupun dekat kampung maybe tak se-happening seperti berada di bandar,tapi rasa seronok. Itu la yang gua rasa bila balik ke Bandar Di-Raja ni. Masa gua form 1, gua frust pasal terpaksa berpisah dengan rakan karib gua seperti Playstation, Astro dan tak dilupakan bilik kelamin gua,semata-mata untuk ke bandar yang hanya ada The Store(sebelum ni Fajar) sebagai supermarket utama dekat sini. Memang pekan koboi. Tapi makin lama,bersama-sama dengan Legends 0307 membuatkan gua sayang tempat ni. Dari umur 13 tahun, gua berjauhan dengan ibu ayah,gua belajar basuh baju dengan berus sabut, gua belajar kemas katil pagi-pagi,gua belajar gilap kasut bagi berkilat, tapi yang paling penting, gua belajar erti kehidupan & persaudaraan. Gua tak pernah rasa sunyi, pasal gua ada rakan-rakan yang selalu sokong gua dari belakang,dari bawah dan tepi pun ada jugak. Frankly speaking,memang rasa sekejap. Tapi gua puas dapat balik. Bak kata Jekbe "gua tertinggal barang kat Kuala Kangsar, hati dan speret gua..keh3..thnx dow..kejap pun tapi bapak puas.." Sama la Jekbe, Gua pun tertinggal hati dan speret gua jugak. InsyaAllah,lepas ni,kami semua datang balik....

Selamat tinggal Kuala Kangsar. Moga kita ketemu lagi.........

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

5 waktu...

Gua bangun agak awal la pagi tadi. Dalam pukul 2.50 pagi,nak tengok Netherlands vs Uruguay. Ingat nak tengok dekat luar, namun ketiadaan Mitsubhi Evo Lancer gua telah membantutkan hasrat itu. Mula2 memang mengantuk tahap gaban la, namun selepas jaringan mantap Geovanni van Bronchorst( sori la,gua tak ingat camne nak eja nama dia), gua terus semangat nak tengok. Netherland menang 3-2. HAHAHAH,gua benci Uruguay,dah la menang quarter hari tu pun nasib.

Habis match,gua sambung bisnes tido gua. Dalam pukul 7, gua bangun nak solat Subuh. Nasib baik la Puan Arbaeyah bt. Haji Ramli a.k.a ibu kesayangan gua kejut dengan penuh kasih sayang. Dia ni nak pergi market dengan abah tadi, nak tambah bekalan tempoyak dekat rumah ni. Lepas solat je,gua sambung tido. Ha ni tabiat buruk namanya,lepas solat Subuh la terbukanya pintu rezeki. Kalau lu tido balik,serupa la macam tolak rezeki. So jadikan habit gua ni sebagai sempadan ye. Don't try it at home,ok??

Maka balik la mak gua ke rumah. Gua pun secara automatiknye bangun nak breakfast. Time makan2,kitorang borak pasal satu benda yang sangat basic dalam kehidupan kita,khususnya orang Islam ni. Tak lain tak bukan, solat 5 waktu. Mak gua cakap, masa dia kecik dulu, arwah nenek cukup jaga perkara ni. Senja je,terus mak dengan adik-beradik lain kena panggil masuk rumah. Sebelum dia meninggal, dia pesan dekat mak suruh jaga solat cucu-cucu dia. Mak gua masa kerja dulu, bangun pagi dalam pukul 5. Buatkan breakfast,basuh baju, dan terpenting sekali,kejutkan dua putera dia ni bangun solat subuh. Masa tu gua dengan adik sekolah rendah lagi. Kecik2,mesti la merungut. Merengek2,maki2 mak gua pasal kejut awal sangat. Tapi dia sabar je. Masa gua darjah 4, gua kantoi tak solat Maghrib pasal dok tengok T.V lama sangat. Bapak gua keluar bilik,bawak cota dia, terus balun peha gua. Time tu gua memang panas la dengan dia. Ye la, sebelum ni kalau tak solat dia dok rilek je. Tiba2 hari tu boleh pulak gua kena tiba.

Time solat pun boleh dengar lagu..hish...

Lepas kejadian tu, terus gua tak berani tinggal dah. Gua time tu memang hipokrit gila, solat macam tak nak solat je. Lebih kurang macam dekat bawah ni la,tak khusyuk..

Time tengah borak2 dengan mak gua ni, gua teringat satu kejadian masa gua Form 2. Hari tu hari Ahad,kitorang baru balik Prep Pagi. Of course la sekor2 letih. Dipendekkan cerita,azan Zuhur berkumandang. Gua pun terbangun,terus pergi surau. Dalam surau tu,gua nampak dua orang prefect asrama kami tengah dok study dalam. Gua mula2 buat tenang saja la,habis solat,gua sambung buat taik mata balik. Lepas saja solat Asar petang tu, prefect tadi bunyikan loceng,panggil kami form 2 semua berkumpul. Dia keluarkan 1 list nama,panggil sorang2. Nama gua ada. Gua dah cuak bai,adoi ape la agaknye salah gua ni? Rupa-rupanya nama2 yang dia sebut ni ialah nama2 yang pergi surau Solat Zuhur tadi. Diorang saja je lepak study kat belakang, nak cek siapa yang tak solat. Yang kantoi, dia suruh pumping berapa kali entah. Yang solat pun , kena juga,kena "Half-way Down". Pasal ape,pasal tak ajak member2 ni solat sekali.

New Hostel, asrama pelajar Tingkatan Dua
Sekarang ni gua dah pun habis sekolah. Tapi Alhamdulillah, gua still ingat pesan mak abah gua,solat jangan tinggal. Baru gua tau,bapak gua balun dulu, pasal masa tu gua dah 10 tahun. Rasulullah pesan, kalau dah 10 tahun tak solat jugak,mak bapak boleh pukul anak tu. Pukul mendidik la,bukan pukul lepas geram. Pernah sekali gua balik kampung, bapak gua sindir gua depan kawan2 & saudara mara dia. Dia cakap, gua ni dah la belajar tak tinggi, pergi oversea pun tak pernah, tapi susah sangat nak jaga solat. Dia cakap,dia ramai saja kawan2 yang kelulusan ACCA dari England, MBBS dari Ireland,tapi balik2 Malaysia ni still boleh jaga solat.
Gua masa tu memang agak terasa hati la. Tapi sekarang gau tau,betul jugak cakap dia. Gua tengok generasi zaman sekarang ni,belajar tak la tinggi. Bergaya mengalahkan Mat Salleh,(padahal speaking pun tak reti). Tapi bila tanya kenapa tak solat,macam2 alasan diorang bagi. Tak biasa la,susah la. Sumpah gua nak tergelak. Gua ingat diorang ni mungkin lahir dekat bandar2 macam Edinburgh,New York,Boston,London,Dublin,Los Angeles or etc .Ye la kan,biasanya orang2 yang lahir dekat oversea ni saja yang diketahui susah nak solat. Rupa2 nya,lahir dekat hulu2 gak. Ada hati nak cakap susah nak solat. Adoyai.....
Gua akui,gua bukan la baik sangat. Lagu yang gua layan pun bukan la lagu2 Raihan ke, Hijjaz ke, Saujana ke. Gua suka lagu2 yang pelik. Tapi kalau gua yang layan lagu2 macam ni pun,still ringan kaki nak pergi surau,lu olang yang layan lagu2 indie lembik,chord gitar sama je dari mula,jiwang tahap leleh, tak kan la susah sangat nak solat.
Mak gua pesan tadi, kalau dia dengan abah dah tak ada, make sure 5 waktu tu still jaga. InsyaAllah, diri tu akan terpelihara. Bila dah dapat anak nanti, ajar dia solat sejak umur 7 tahun. Tak kisah la nakal @ jahat macam mana pun budak tu, selagi dia jaga solat, dia akan dihormati. Terima kasih,mak & abah.....luv u guys more than anyone else.....
Akhir kata, baik la lu orang solat, sebelum orang kasi solat sama lu...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

as I lay dying.........

well, for those Metal Freaks out there,you might be familiar with the name of this new post of mine. not to be fancy or anything, just don't have any mind-blowing ideas to put on the title. To start, this piece of sketch has nothing to do with the the title. I just got home from doing the same rigmarole I did on every delightful Sunday morning. To start, I woke up and performed my Subuh prayers. Credits to the greatest Eve who had ever roam on God's Earth(at least for me,that is), my mother!!!!. She's my unofficial morning clock. Sometimes I wonder, man, will this lady ever get bored in waking me up for almost every morning? "Aliff, Subuh!!!!" "Aliff, dah dekat pukul 7 ni". "Aliff, nak masuk neraka ke!!????" Ok, that particular final sentence will always went out if she reached the most maximum of all tempers. . I respect my mother in any circumstances. She was my first Ustazah, teaching my brother and I to recite the Holy Quran since we were 5 and 6 respectively. She was still busy working back then,yet she still has that sense of responsibility,to ensure that both her sons are able to perform the 5 time prayers and recite the Quran thoroughly. Man, will I ever find another Angel like you,mak??

OK,enough about her. Let's talk about another "her". She's quite a distance from me right now. Only God knows how I missed her. She has been working lately, spending most of her leisure time on holidays by helping her sister's business. Hmm, hard-working girl. Always texting me messages,filling my boring days with her jokes, and most importantly, keep on loving me for who I am. Because of one of her text, I manage to woke up early this morning, thus avoiding any unwanted audio's from coming out of my mother's mouth. Thanks sayang, I miss u...

It's raining cats and dogs this morning. I went out to have my breakfast, before accompanying my mom to the market. Buying some Terung, Pisang Awak, Ubi Keledek, Jering and one of my all-time favourites, Tempoyak!!!! A local Perak dish that is. Man, I just love its aroma and fragrance.

Finally, I sat home in my room, in front of my lappy,writing this new post. Its quite awkward, this weird feeling suddenly pop-out from my heart and mind. Its like, have I been sleeping all this time? Have I wasted my precious life with nothing? Even worse, have I been dead all this years? This just seems funny, but it keeps messing with my head for hours now. Those 5 years at The Royal Town, have my brothers and I utilise the opportunity wisely? Or is it just 5 years filled with Fly,Ord and Kirik?

A year older, a year wiser. Yeahh right. Doesn't seem that way to me. I entered a new Alma-Mater. Gosh I thought I've changed, but those Dark Ages are just not over yet, do they? I keep on doing the same mistakes over and over again. The mistakes that nearly cost my life a few years back. Allah is The Most Powerful. With all that serious screwed-ups and blunders, He still gives me a slight glimmer of hope in pursuing my life. Alhamdulillah, no other words to describe how thankful I am to You...

I don't know. Maybe I got a little twisted right now. No, I'm already twisted since those days. Maybe because of all those hard-times, I got wacko . Its like a Nuclear bomb. It tooks only one explosion, to ruin the lives of the whole community living around there for years and years to come.

Perhaps I'm wrong. Guess that title does have something in common with what I am writing right now. Maybe I have been dead for all this years. The question is, will I ever be alive again???

Thursday, June 24, 2010

ini khas untukmu....

Gua kenal satu mamat ni tau. Dah lama la, sejak 20 dulu lagi. Tak banyak yang gua tau pasal kisah-silam dia ni. Sikit2 tu ade la. Dia lahir tahun 1952 di Batu 17 Ayer Tawar,Manjung, Perak. Lahir sebagai anak yatim, ayahnya meninggal dunia dibunuh pengganas komunis (yang diketuai Chin Peng,orang kampung dia sendiri). Dia anak bongsu dari 4 beradik. Konfem la mak dia manjakan dia. Dia mula2 dapat asrama dekat Anderson School, Ipoh, tapi mak dia bawak dia balik,pasal rindu sangat. Habis saja sekolah, terus mendaftar dekat Pusat Latihan Polis Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur pada tahun 1969. So korang semua tau la yang di ni polis. Dah lama bertugas, dia pun sedar yang dia ni belum pernah ke menara gading,menara belalai pun belum lagi. So,dalam usia 27 tahun, dia pun mendaftar masuk ke UiTM Shah Alam. Dia dok story kat gua,memang malu la,dia mahasiswa 1st Year paling tua masa tu. Orang lain register dengan mak bapak, dia register sorang2 je. Tak lama lepas tu, atas bantuan majikan, dia ditaja ke England,menghabiskan program Ijazah dekat situ.

Ni la dia. Kat belakang tu kira macam fakulti dia la.

Tak lama pun belajar kat situ. Rasa2 nya dalam 1-2 tahun saja. Tapi dia ni sempat pulak ambil peluang jadi tourist dekat situ. Tengok la gamba dekat bawah ni..

Ni dekat Trafalgar's Square.

So pulang la dia ke Tanah Melayu lepas dapat segulung ijazah. Punya la sibuk kerja,tak kawin2 jugak. Masa umur dia 39 tahun, kalau gua tak silap, baru dia bertemu jodoh. Sampai sekarang, Alhamdulillah, rumah tangga dia ni bahagia. Siap ada 2 cahaya mata lagi. Yang sulung tu MasyaAllah, memang kacak tak terkata la. Yang bongsu,ok je la..hehehe..

Siapa la dia ni agaknya ye? Nama dia Abd Rani Mohd Maydin. Orang yang kawin dengan mak gua. Dalam bahasa mudahnya, dia ni la bapak gua. Sepanjang membesarkan gua dengan adik,dia ni banyak bersabar. Masa gua sekolah rendah, dia sanggup balik kerja awal,semata-mata nak ambik gua yang baru habis sekolah. Form 1 gua masuk asrama. Masa mula2 nak tinggal kan gua dekat situ, dia nasihat gua belajar rajin2. Sebelum dia balik,gua nampak mata dia mengalir. Gua agak tak sangka la masa tu. Hahaha...

Naik form 3, gua ni jadi malas study sikit. Result trial PMR gua memang kaw2 nye teruk. Sampaikan dia kena panggil. Gua ingat, tangan dia dah nak naik lempang muka gua masa tu. Tapi entah macam mana dia tak lempang. Dah form 4, gua mula naik kepala. Slip 8A PMR gua tu macam lesen besar gua untuk buat ape2. Gua kurang hajar dengan dia,tak pernah call dia sampai 3-4 bulan,balik rumah lewat. Memang pelempang,penerajang,maki-hamun tu dah jadi makanan ruji gua la masa tu.

As time goes by, baru gua sedar, dia buat semua ni pasal dia sayang kat gua. Dia tak dapat kasih sayang ayah, pasal tu la bila gua dengan adik gua lahir, dia sayang sangat kat kami berdua. Gua sedar semua ni lambat. Lepas berkali-kali gua buat pasal dengan dia,baru gua sedar.

20 Jun, Hari di mana semua bapa di seluruh dunia diraikan. Aliff tau dah lambat,tapi aliff nak ucap dekat abah, SELAMAT HARI BAPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

in memories....

"Korang tau tak ni ape?" tanya seorang pelajar form 5 kepada sekumpulan pelajar form 1 yang belum sampai sebulan berada di situ. "Ni Dewan TAR,abang!" jawab pelajar2 form 1 itu dengan penuh rasa cuak dan gementar. "SALAH!! Ni lah NERAKA!!!" pelajar form 5 itu dengan penuh garang membetulkan jawapan junior-juniornya........

Itu la sedikit bingkisan, apa yang gua dengan batch 0307 yang gua sayang tempuhi masa mula masuk dewan ni. Nama dewan ni Dewan Tun Abdul Razak,panggil Dewan Tar saja la. Masa kitorang minggu orientasi dulu,sini la tempat kitorang banyak diberi briefing itu- ini pasal life kat koleq ni. Dah habis orientasi, bermulalah sesi-sesi cheering practice kejam yang dikendalikan oleh pelajar-pelajar tingkatan 5 terhadap kami semua. Tiap2 minggu form1 sampai form 3 akan masuk dewan ni, berlatih lagu-lagu cheering. "Barisan", "Gung Ho", "Kenek-kenek Udang", sampai lah ke "Bung Wak", dekat sini la kami belajar semua lagu2 tu. Salah tepuk sikit,nyanyi tak betul,mula la kena maki hamun. Kadang2 ada yang kantoi tak hafal lirik,mula la kena panggil turun bawah. Adoi bapak kejam nye.
Naik form 3 pulak, cheering practice dah mula kurang. Dewan ni sekarang jadi tempat kelas tambahan pulak. Ye la kan,nama pun nak PMR. Paling selalu guna dewan ni, Panitia Bahasa Inggeris. Tiap2 hari khamis, kalau gua tak silap la. Kelas 3 Unggul dengan 3 Sejahtera. Kelas Teacher Linda. Rilek gila kelas ni, gua tak pernah rasa tension. Dekat hujung tahun form 3,pengetua tak bagi kitorang balik lagi,pasal nak buat aktiviti entah ape2 , dalam dewan ni la. Subjek2 menengah atas semua dia nak ajar awal2. Ha lepas habis saja last paper PMR, budak2 form 3 ,seperti kelazimannya setiap tahun akan meng"fly"kan diri diorang ke Astaka. Bacth gua pun tak terkecuali la daripada meneruskan tradisi ini. Tapi sedih la, pasal tak pecah rekod, 62 orang je yang fly malam tu. Dah la balik2 saja ,kantoi dengan rampa(dalam bahasa ibundanya,warden sekolah),kena sebat dengan Cikgu Yop sampai dua round, esok pagi tu boleh pulak Cikgu Yop malukan kitorang dalam Dewan TAR. "Aliff, are you also one of the culprits?" Cikgu Linda tanya gua dalam tu,pakai microphone. Malunya memang gua je la yang tau . Sepanjang dalam dewan ni time lepas PMR, gua langsung tak ambik tau ape yang cikgu dok cakap dekat depan. Gua sama ada tido atau vandal "alep_103 w.e" kat bawah meja.
Naik form 4, tak banyak sangat aktiviti dekat dalam dewan ni. Just kelas2 tambahan je. Itu pun kadang2. Naik form 5 , barulah bermulanya sesi-sesi kelas tambahan yang lebih kerap. Malam2 ada saja Panitia nak buat kelas kat situ. Paling gua tak boleh lupa, masa kelas tambahan Fizik. Cikgu Grace boleh masuk Dewan Carey, tunggu kitorang habis dinner. Bukan ape, nak pastikan semua form 5 terus masuk Dewan TAR lepas tu. Gua ade jugak beberapa kali ponteng,time pergi pun kadang2 gua boleh tetidur. Siap kantoi dengan Cikgu Grace lagi,dah malu sekali lagi.
Hari terakhir gua masuk sini, lepas habis paper Biologi Kertas 3. Last paper SPM 2007. Mood masa tu agak suram la dalam dewan ni,pasal ni la kali terakhir kami semua 1 bacth akan bersama. Memang pun,pasal lepas ni sorang2 akan bawak haluan masing2.

Dewan ni macam dewan kuliah.

Biasanya budak2 cemerlang PMR bergambar depan dewan ni. Ni gamba budak batch gua yang dapt 8A(including me,hehehehe)
Beberapa hari lepas, gua dapat tau yang Dewan TAR ni dah roboh. Pasal nak ganti dengan Dewan baru. Sedih bai, banyak gila kenangan dalam ni. Cheering practice, tido,vandal sana-sini, macam2 la. Bila tengok gambar2 kat bawah ni, gua macam nak menangis pun ada.

Bukan Dewan TAR saja,surau Prep School,makmal bahasa Jepun & Perancis pun dah roboh. Yang ni gua tak tau nak ganti dengan ape. Sini pun banyak kenangan. Malam2 masa form 1 dulu, budak2 bahasa Jepun makan Ord dalam ni. Sensei yang bawak. Thanx la sensei. Time kelas dia pulak,kalau dia tak datang, kami dok layan tengok TV dekat dalam tu. Gua,Wanli,Im, Bendoo, Adib & Megat selalu duduk meja belakang. Ye la, budak Jepun yang tak berapa nak pandai. Dah la selalu datang lewat.

Dari kiri, surau Prep School,Makmal Bahasa, & Bilik Bahasa Perancis. Semua dah roboh.
Gua dah lama tak balik Koleq,last pun masa nak ambik sijil SPM. Masa tu bangunan ni ada lagi,tak roboh. Gua tak tau la bila projek ni mula, tapi yang pastinya gua memang sedih. Yela, walaupun just bangunan saja, tapi ada nilai estetika yang tinggi dalam jiwa gua bai. Ceh macam mana gua boleh terfikir nak buat ayat ni pun tak tau. Yang penting, banyak nostalgia yang Dewan TAR ni beri dalam hidup gua......