Wednesday, October 27, 2010

aliff & exams

Exams are proving to be one hell of a pain in the neck, particularly in my case. Reminiscing my very first encounter with exams, I realized since day 1 that I would not be loving it. Then it goes on and on and on,bombarding me every year with all the torturous questions that could possibly be inflicted to any man on the street. Yet I did prevailed against two of the biggest exams ever. The first one proved to be a major turning point, as it helped me to gain entrance to my secondary school. It took me 3 years to realize that what I had achieved back then was almost, if not exactly, nothing. Then another huge exam showed up. Already rotten from the day of my previous exam, this one proved to be a much tougher nut to crack. Instead of 5, now I have to face 8 subjects. On the road to the faithful day of this exam, my life was transformed to a living Hell on Earth. I was threatened and belittled by almost everyone. But that year did taught me many things though. I remember, it was some few weeks before the day arrives. Some of us may had lost enough sanity, to the extend that we actually studied at the stairs just below the Physics Lab. Gadut, Jibong, Bacok and myself were among them. You guys remember that? Memorable, wasn't it? Then the night before we had to endure our first paper, all of us stood in front of the Form 3 classes before singing numerous songs. You know what, I broke down to tears everytime those flascbacks of that night passes through the screen of my brain. Funny, isn't it?

Then its the final chapter of my story as a schoolboy. The exam that would prove to be a larger bargain as it directed me to the field that I need to go. Frankly, thanks to this one, I made new friends all around Malaysia,largely due to the fact that I need to get exercise questions from other schools. Some of whom I knew were just for friends,knowing them for mere academical purposes. Yet some others were for different reasons, flirtuous reasons I supposed. A normal phenomenon, especially when you're studying at a boarding school. Nevertheless, thanks guys, really appreciate all the assists.

Then I entered a new alma-mater. I'm older, but not in anyway wiser. Its my cup of tea,but I played around too much. The same tough-luck would prove to be the case after I transferred to a new university.

Exams were created to enhance and measure the level of knowledge gained by a student. So, what did I gained after all these years of exams? Never really sure of that, guess I might be a little wacko with this upcoming examination of mine. Maybe that is the reason that triggered me to create this post at the first place.

To all of my trusted law compatriots, good luck to you guys. Try to memorize all those relevant acts and cases. I'm trying hard here myself . May we pass this one with flying colours.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

just let it be untitled.....

"Has anything you've done,you've gain so far, made your life better in any way? If it is so, persuade me to believe it......"

OK to begin with, it has never been something orthodox to be asked such questions by your dad, especially on the wake of your 8th month anniversary with your girlfriend. Yet guess what, it did happen. The question was uttered at an approximate 22 hours right before this particular post was written. Never knew why he even had the fundamental idea to ask this though, yet it did became a wake up call for me, sort of. His words for me are as subtle as the blowing wind. Yet, it carries with it a wisdom that makes people sit and think for awhile.

Today did not started as well as I would reasonably hope for. I had to endure a not-so-rare Motivation Session conducted by non other than (drum roll please....) my dad.

"Kau boleh tak cuba bawak kereta tu baik-baik sikit? Semalam dah habis RM 500 pasal nak betulkan stering kereta tu. Cuba ko fikir,kalau duit tu abah bagi buta-buta kat kau? Tak ke lagi baik?"

It was rather straight-forward. There is nothing subliminal about this one. Then before I could even pull the strings of myself back together, this one pops out :

" Cuba belajar berjimat sikit. Hargai barang yang ada. Jangan asyik nak beli yang bukan-bukan. 5 tahun abah hantar kau belajar jauh-jauh dulu, apa yang kau dapat? Fikir pasal masa depan,apa yang boleh guna dengan duit tu. Dulu elok je jaga duit, sekarang ni makin teruk la abah tengok kau ni. Belajar hancur, belanja tak menentu.."

Coming to my senses once more, my life had started to deteriorate since the past few months, financially to be exact. This never happened before during my earlier days here. That "red machine" that I've been using lately. There is without a shadow of a doubt that it is the root of all my downfall and continuing problems. I'm contemplating to leave it at home by the end of this semester though. Easier to be said than done, I reckon.....

Abah told me that I should control my expenses as my future's foundation. Man, guess I've been quite a spender now. Regardless of the fact that my father has been reluctant to lend me money nowadays, the way I live now seems to contribute to how pennyless I am.

After hours of consultations with my inner-self, I guess that I've found the ultimate solution. Guess it would be foolish of me to reveal it now. Just going to keep it as a secret....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

compilation.....for me.....

"You know, I didn't meant to utter all of these nonsence. But hey, its for your own good, I suppose. You are approaching the second decade of your living life on God's Earth. I watch you grew up to become this not-so-handsome lad right in front of me. On course of that, I kind of noticed some facts about you. You're not that kind,you're not that nice...but you're such a considerate kind of fellow. The world seldom witnessed the wrath of you anger. Still, you're quite nice towards all of your companions. Everytime you're scholded buy any of them, you stood on your ground,silently that is. You supported the one's you knew or love in every single way you could possibly manage. You tried to be Mr. Nice Guy for most of your daily life.

Straight to the point, where did all of those deeds led you to? I know, towards your own downfall to the darkest off all obscurity,right? Look at you, your life started a little brightly here back then. Now,is there still any brightness in it? You gave your trust,your love, your heart to the one's you believed, but did that in any way assist you in your own self-developement? You backed them up everytime they're facing difficulties. But did they carry such noble act for you in return? Just look at those guys. They are having a much better life right now.... and you, ended up being beneath their shadows,though primarily you're slightly better than them. Besides, its noticeable that you're such a caring guy to the one's you love. You sacrificed almost anything for them. Your tender love is so great that you acted as their father,giving dozens of advises for the sake of their well-being. One question, did they even give a damn on all your kind blabbers? They continued to do the things you tried to abstain them from doing so. So what is the value of your so-called "love"?

For your own sake, its time for you to enter a new age, a new era. The era of selfishness. Put in your tiny brain that no one should be trusted. They are only using you as a mere stepping stone. To simplify, you are an apparatus for them. You don't believe me? Try to leave that car of yours at home for a week,just  a week. Lets see how many friends,companions would you have for that particular 7 days. Think about yourself only onwards. Be free to do whatever you like,whenever you like. Don't be obstacled by anyone,even by the ones you cared about, besides your parents. Do not simply presume a friend you just knew for not that long to be a brother, nor a sister. Remember those boys that you knew for five years? Yes, they are the only brothers you could rely on.

For once in that miserable and catastrophic life of yours, please do not seek the truth from sentiments. Stop laying your trust towards others. Stop being treated like a rubbish by others. Be selfish, be hypocrite...that is who you are,right?"

Saturday, October 9, 2010

semangat yang hampeh

Daripada gua tingkatan 1 lagi,sampai la gua dah jadi budak universiti. Gua tak habis-habis akan nampak akan kewujudan satu jenis semangat ni. Gua tak faham, apa yang nak dibanggakan sangat dengan semangat ni?  Lu olang tau tak, negara kita ni dah la kecik, lu olang mau kasi lagi kecik ke? Jalan sana-sini,semua nak dengan orang negeri sama saja. Bapak tak ada life nye. Gua tak tuju  negeri bai,tapi lebih pada individu-individu yang terlebih semangat dengan negeri sendiri ni. Dah duduk dekat negeri orang tu, tak payah la nak buat klik-klik ni. Gua menyampah la bai. Orang negara luar punya la bersatu. Indonesia siap dah tetapkan hanya ada satu bangsa saja dekat negara tu (bangsa Indonesia), negara kita ni saja yang masih biarkan semangat ni wujud lagi.

Bagi gua la,semangat kenegerian ni sebenarnya tak ada nilai, tak ada "soul". Kata kan la lu lahir kat satu negeri ni,tapi mak bapak lu datang daripada negeri lain. Jadi celah mana nak dapat nilai semangat kenegerian ni? Semangat ni cuma ada pada loghat saja. Benda ni lain dengan semangat kesukuan @ kepuakkan. Sebagai contoh, semangat Iban, Kadazan, Bidayuh, Jawa, Minang, Banjar & Mandailing. Bahasa yang diorang guna,bukan nye loghat, tapi memang bahasa yang lain. Semangat suku @ puak ni,lu kena campak pergi negeri mana-mana pun, masih lagi ada "roh" nye tu. Bagi gua,ni lagi ade signifikan, kalau betul-betul nak ada sangat semangat-semangat macam ni la.

Bukan ape, gua dulu pun semangat negeri jugak. Tapi makin lama, otak gua yang kecik ni dah mula terbuka sikit. Tak payah la nak ada semangat macam ni,lagi memecah-belahkan negara kita ni saja. Setakat semangat negeri masa tengok bola,lain cerita la. Kalau dah melibatkan benda-benda lain,gua rasa tak ada makna nya. Pusing mana-mana pun,we're still made in Malaysia...

Sekian gua merapu..

Saturday, October 2, 2010

resolusi oktober

Pejam celik,pejam celik.......dah masuk bulan ke-10 dalam kalendar Masihi. Ya murid-murid sekalian, kita dah masuk bulan Oktober. Apakah yang telah anda dapat sepanjang tahun ini? Telahkah anda menjadi seorang insan yang lebih berinovasi serta berketrampilan? Jika ditanya kepada sang penulis karya merepek "dungeon of doom" ini,sudah semestinya jawapan yang akan terpacul daripda mulutnya yang comel dan berkerak ini......TIDAK.  Dah 2 semester gua buat jahanam kepada diri gua sendiri. Gua dah tak sanggup bai hidup macam ini. Dah ramai kawan-kawan gua yang dulu hampeh daripada gua sekarang dah makin mantap. Apa cer dengan gua? Makin teruk,merudum,merapu dan yang sedaerah dengannya. Poket gua pun dah makin cepat kering,study pun macam dulu,tak menentuBoros sangat ke gua semester ni?. Padahal masa mula-mula sampai sini dulu OK je semua. Start semester 2 ni la hidup gua jadi macam haram. Ke-HARAM-man ni berkesinambungan sehinggalah ke semester yang baru. Jadi, sambil-sambil makan roti jala yang mak gua buat pagi tadi,gua nak jadi lebih skema daripada dulu. Gua ada buat list dalam kepala otak gua, yang akan gua zahirkan di bawah ini...

Resolusi yang langsi
  1. Belanja kurang daripada RM 10 sehari (tertakluk kepada sebarang pindaan)
  2. Makan dekat tempat yang murah-murah sahaja
  3. Kurangkan penggunaan kereta secara kerap. Ini adalah efisien dalam mengelakkan penggunaan minyak petrol F1 97 Esso yang berpatutan harganya dewasa ini.
  4. Mengurangkan kadar penghijrahan ke tempat-tempat yang tak wajar,lebih baik duduk di kolej. Meja,kerusi serta buku-buku ilmiah adalah teman di dalam bilik.
  5. Habiskan masa di fakulti. Cari kes-kes serta soalan-soalan peperiksaan tahun lepas.
  6. Sebarang bentuk pengaruh tidak berpatutan daripada mana-mana pihak berkaitan perkara yang tiada kena-mengena dengan Peperiksaan Akhir akan dipertimbangkan secara berat sebelah. Tidak akan bertanggungjawab sekiranya tidak dilayan langsung.
  7. Tidak akan berpihak kepada mana-mana pihak yang bertegang urat.
Gua rasa itu saja la kot. Tak tau la gua boleh buat semua ke tak. Tapi memang gua nak buat,pasal hidup gua tenang masa semester 1 dulu, pasal gua buat hampir semua benda ni. Mungkin gua kena pentingkan diri sendiri dulu,daripada fikirkan nak jaga hati orang yang bukan semua reti jaga hati gua balik. Kalau ada pihak-pihak yang kurang senang,tak puas hati atau terasa hati, gua ada 2 huruf nak bagi kat lu olang...


Lu teka la sendiri apa signifikan dua huruf ni..sekian.......