Thursday, April 7, 2011

This Journey

What contributed to me being so unearthly lazy would remain unanswered for years to come. I have envisaged a more hardworking form to emerge form the depth of this lameness of myself for quite awhile, only for nothing to actually gets blossoming. Maybe thats the reason why I have been missing from this site for a substantially long period. I have gain some new stuffs, yet some to be proven detrimental. I remembered a few years ago, a particular person I knew told me that it doesnt matter who you are, what matters is what your goal, your target, your dream,regardless of how palpably illusive it might be. So to speak, I've been embarking in this endless throes, within me and with the world I knew. Trying to put myself together turns out to be not like a simple walk in the park. Right now, I am seeing some new and old faces, trying to emerge and getting hold of others around them,gaining disciples in order to prolong their pursuit of power and fame. This is happening everywhere right in front of my naked eyes, from the small medium of my tiny alma mater, to the selected peoples up there. The ones who succedeed has reach the summit of what a reasonable men could actually dreamt of, while the ones who failed, has been left with nothing, blinded in the cruel world of obscurity. Jealousy has always been a catalyst in the structural plan in a men's downfall. Yet, does misfortunes happened coincidently, or for a reason? Does a men's fall from grace occured due to malice, or should they actually deserves such bad luck? I wonder, how does someone actually be confirmed a place on the top, without a clear and significant contribution?  Is that how a leader is actuall selected? Good looks and eloquency does play a vital part on this, I might say.

Now I am putting this from my point of view. Honestly, with this laziness in me, I considered myself nothing, just yet. Why should I down-grade myself to play a pro bono part in this boring drama? I don't see why I should support anyone because to be precise, I see no one to be worth supporting. Some say, that I should start to "be something". Well if this "be something" is to do the Devil's dirty work, I would rather be nothing for now. You dont need to tell me what to do, because I've strategized my own agenda. I don't need to lead right now, because now is the time for me to learn so that I would be prepared. I dont look at the one's who can only speak,without giving a sacrifice of their own. So stop talking and start seeing a reflection of yourself.

They might be the one's on top,for now. Yet, I suggest that they should be prepared for the perdition that is on the horizon for them. When that day comes, you'll fall, and I'll rise.