Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Frontman

The Frontman
With all the obedient disciples
Throughout the journey towards an obscure sojourn
Thinking of how accomplished you are

The Frontman
Your imperious nature comes from the imperviousity
By removing the blanket that blocks all that are white
While only making all that are black, invincible

The Frontman
What makes your kind so good?
The way you talk? The way you walk?
The handsome element does proves its pivotalness
But is that all?

The Frontman
Weeks, decades, years of endless defiance
The struggle of everything that looks silly,but rather not
Through this, the nuturing of wisdom does blossoms
Through this, people will bow
Not to the one who speaks through oblivion
But to the one who speaks with his action

Sacrificial deeds are a must
Ignominious results will be in the reckoning
But all will not be calamitous
Once you've become, The Frontman