Monday, May 9, 2011

a woman I knew

Broken down to joyous tears. That was your response the minute the doctor told you that there is another heart-beating soul in your womb. Nine months of aggravation and agony had passed, and the moment the doctor lend my fragile body to your arms, you could only utter the words of appreciation to God. I wonder till this day, how much suffering that you had to endured while having me inside of you for nine months?

Since then, you have never looked behind even for a split second. Back when I was four, you filled you night leisureness by teaching me on how to recite the Holy Quran. I was so lazy, keep on running around to avoid all your lessons. It must have been hard for you to keep me quite back then, and even if you did manage to keep a hold of me, I keep on making all those annoying long-faces that would make any reasonable man to lose their indecisive nerves. Yet, you keep your own calm ground.

Then came the moment where I had to leave home to study in a boarding school. It was hard for me to acclimatize in a rather new surrounding, resulting in a series of home-sickness that really bugs me off. I keep on calling home,specifically you, to release all of these abhorrent feelings within me. You were there all the way, being an obedient listener.

After 20 years, I began to question myself, why haven't you complained even for once in regards to all the problems that I had drag you into? You keep on disparaging yourself, telling me that you never went to any prestigious alma mater, you have no goals in life, and you retirement was just another surplus,unlike the man you married. You keep on telling me that it would not be a wise decision to follow on your footsteps. When the world keeps on lambasting me, there are still some who believes, and one of them was you. You told me that I have a bright future up ahead,and I would not end up in veins. Well,heard that most of the time, but the ones that went through your mouth was the one that really made me happy.

All this while, I've been searching for another woman,just like you. After several rendezvous, I've failed, no one is even close to how great you are, not even my current girlfriend. After all the hardness that you went through, I've always reckon that I would repay you, though I knew, that would be almost impossible because what you did for me was way more. I give you my word, I will always belong to you, because you are second, to none. You are the best women I knew, you are my mother.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

2nd year...goodbye

A week had passed since my penultimate paper of the semester, in a direct response, concluding my life as a 2nd year law student. Good memories? Lots of them, compared to the rather less-fortunate I guess. Personally, I need to say that I am getting better. Not to brag or anything sort of, but I've been really serious on my studies, even more serious compared to my previous years. Luckily, the God-given endurance that is so hardly needed was there for me all the way.

For the record, my 2nd year as a law student had turned out to be in a more less-turbulent manner compared to the previous one. Maybe due to the fact that I've been more accustomed with my surroundings here, distinguishing it to my naive 1st year life.

For once angain, I am elected as a member of the Law Society here. Feels good that the members of the faculty still wants me around by presenting me with this honourable mandate again. I do feel thankful for them. I give you my words, I will serve you well. 

Not much to say, a 4 months holiday is waiting for me. Happy holidays everyone, see you guys around!