Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Living on the Edge

Ever since I was a child,I am mentally frustrated. There's a lot of reason for this to occur, though. I thought that the best thing to do so that this disturbing feeling can be released. Thus,after finishing high school,I guess I should start to intoxicate myself,that is to smoke,drink and maybe even take recreational drugs. I have lost every moral consciousness that existed in every normal homosapien. However,right before I start to do any of these,I was attracted with a certain musical genre. Since its birth in the early 90's,Hardcore Punk and Metalcore genre have taken the musical industry by storm. Bands like Minor Threat,AFI,Bleeding Through,Killswitch Engage and Trivium are some prominent Hardcore bands that had created a cult following of their own. Fast riffs,dual leads and screaming vocals was beginning to be all teenagers,including mine's cup of tea. I started to where black shirts,grew a long hair and speaks in a more growler tone,just to show how I am addicted to to such head-crushing tunes. Soon,I learned that this musical genre is not just a mere sound you here everyday. With it,comes a very,very unique lifestyle of its own. A lifestyle that is hard to be adopted by everyone. A lifestyle they called "Straight Edge". Only two words,but enough to change a person's life. This lifestyle stand on three very simple rules that needs to be followed by the adherents;no smoking,no drinking and no drugs. The history of this movement date way back in the late 80's when Ian MacKaye,the lead vocalist of the band Minor Threat, procude the song "Straight Edge" for his band's first EP. The song's lyrics was pretty much simple though,but it called for abstinence from drugs and alcohol,a conditions that is very much different with the majority followers of the musical genre during that particular time. Yet,this song was succesfull in being a hit among Hardcore Punk fans,and the philosophy beginning to gain more followes from day to day. A prominent symbol of straight edge is the letter "X". Usually marked on the back of both hands,this is a symbol that simply means "NO".

Since being introduced with this new rationale,I started to wonder,what makes a human special? Is it what they do,or what they abstain from doing? I've come to a conclusion that the latter is the answer. You don't need to smoke,drink,or take drugs only because you wanted to be seen as "macho" and stuff. After a lot of thinking,I've decide to engage myself to this movement. I have vow to not allow any foreign intoxicant to enter my body,thus keeping it clean and healthy. I'm a Muslim,and I don't see that this lifestyle contradict with my sacred religion.

Life has been better. With this philosophy,I am even healthier than ever. My friends thought that I'm uncool,just simply because I did not do anything that usual teenagers at my age would do. Still,I'm proud with what I belief is the truth. You need not to be messed up to solve a problem. I'm just a normal person like everyone,only I have better things to do.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The fall of darkness

They have been referred to with a lot of names. Baphomet,Beelzebub,Behemoth,Ahriman, just to name a few. Existing far before the existence of men,they refuse to bow to Adam. Claiming themselves to be a much superior being than men,due to fire being their natural tool of creation by God,they vow to ensure that the whole offsprings of Adam & Eve to follow their footsteps,as the true occupiers of Hell. A lot of views had been given about them,either from religious doctrine or even scientifical analysis. Most religion arguably agrees that this fallen deity is the supreme arch-enemy of mankind. Yet,some individuals who call themselves as the "modern-era prophet",claims that this creature are what this universe is all about. In other words,this cult believes that Satan is the solution,Satan is God. Through the words of Anthony LaVine,Satanism had grown to become a new worldwide doctrine,taking the world by storm. Through their holy book,The Satanic Bible,Satan is considered as no longer an expelled creature of Heaven,but a holy being that needs to be worshipped. Why does such stupidity occured? To date,there are at least 2 billions Satanist all around the world. The symbol of the horn can be seen in most of their action. Satan is no more than a being that comes to the world full of hatred and deceit toward Adam and his offsprings. There's no way such creature to be near holyness. Remember,by following the footsteps of Satan,you will go anywhere that they'll go,including Hell.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A New Beginning

After finishing our final exam , we , the 5th batch of the law foundation (MOHE) , UiTM Shah Alam , have officially finished our foundation studies. Thus,we are now "sold" to all law schools in Malaysia,where our final exam's grade an MUET score will play a vital role in determining which law school should us further our bachelor's studies. In a lucky twist of fate,I,and some of my other compatriots are selected to go to the National University of Malaysia(UKM). At the faithfull date of 28th June 2009, we came to this prestigious institution with high hopes of gaining even more success. Some of us,on the other hand,were looking for redemption for our past flaws either during their schooldays or matriculation/foundation programme. Personally, I am really glad to enter this university due to it being the only higher education centre that was built due to the intense need of the citizens who are eager to gain knowledge. Ungku Omar,Pendeta Za'aba,Rahim Kajai,Ibrahim Yaakub and others are some of the prominet nationalist who sacrificed everything in order to establish a university which puts the Malay language as their main cup of tea in learning. As a result, their sacred deed is forever reminded in the names of all colleges in the campus compound. lIfes here has been quite well. The lecturers have been tremendously kind and helpfull to us. It may been not quite a month since all of us,the first year students enter this place,but I think that through this short period of time,I can reflect some new experience that I sure I will never encounter by being in another institution. For example, if I ought to stay in UiTM,I might never be studying in a multi-racial condition as it is here. Well,a lot of boundaries are waiting ahead of us. We just hope that courage and self-confidence will guide us through it