Saturday, August 1, 2009

A New Beginning

After finishing our final exam , we , the 5th batch of the law foundation (MOHE) , UiTM Shah Alam , have officially finished our foundation studies. Thus,we are now "sold" to all law schools in Malaysia,where our final exam's grade an MUET score will play a vital role in determining which law school should us further our bachelor's studies. In a lucky twist of fate,I,and some of my other compatriots are selected to go to the National University of Malaysia(UKM). At the faithfull date of 28th June 2009, we came to this prestigious institution with high hopes of gaining even more success. Some of us,on the other hand,were looking for redemption for our past flaws either during their schooldays or matriculation/foundation programme. Personally, I am really glad to enter this university due to it being the only higher education centre that was built due to the intense need of the citizens who are eager to gain knowledge. Ungku Omar,Pendeta Za'aba,Rahim Kajai,Ibrahim Yaakub and others are some of the prominet nationalist who sacrificed everything in order to establish a university which puts the Malay language as their main cup of tea in learning. As a result, their sacred deed is forever reminded in the names of all colleges in the campus compound. lIfes here has been quite well. The lecturers have been tremendously kind and helpfull to us. It may been not quite a month since all of us,the first year students enter this place,but I think that through this short period of time,I can reflect some new experience that I sure I will never encounter by being in another institution. For example, if I ought to stay in UiTM,I might never be studying in a multi-racial condition as it is here. Well,a lot of boundaries are waiting ahead of us. We just hope that courage and self-confidence will guide us through it

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