Sunday, May 8, 2011

2nd year...goodbye

A week had passed since my penultimate paper of the semester, in a direct response, concluding my life as a 2nd year law student. Good memories? Lots of them, compared to the rather less-fortunate I guess. Personally, I need to say that I am getting better. Not to brag or anything sort of, but I've been really serious on my studies, even more serious compared to my previous years. Luckily, the God-given endurance that is so hardly needed was there for me all the way.

For the record, my 2nd year as a law student had turned out to be in a more less-turbulent manner compared to the previous one. Maybe due to the fact that I've been more accustomed with my surroundings here, distinguishing it to my naive 1st year life.

For once angain, I am elected as a member of the Law Society here. Feels good that the members of the faculty still wants me around by presenting me with this honourable mandate again. I do feel thankful for them. I give you my words, I will serve you well. 

Not much to say, a 4 months holiday is waiting for me. Happy holidays everyone, see you guys around!

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budakeciQ said...

good luck for 3rd year! haha, happy honeymoon 4 months:)