Monday, September 6, 2010

what's with all this nonsence?

The Pendet dance. The song "Burung Kakak Tua". Batik........ Not really some concrete reasons for you to be dissatisfied with,to actually cause street -violence nationwide . Ironically, that is what happening right there in Indonesia. Claiming that all of those are some stolen heritage from their country, some violence demonstration were conducted there. Adding to the agony, the arrest off 3 Indonesian Fisheries Officers has made the matter worsen from day to day.

As referred to the above picture, the pride of our country, the Jalur Gemilang is rudely mistreated. Rather than to be waved proudly high above the flag pole, it is used as if it is nothing more than a mere carpet that you usually found in every living room. I don't know about you guys, but personally I found this picture really disturbing. Besides this uncivilized action, it was also reported that faeces, yes, faeces were thrown to the Malaysian Embassy. How could things become worse? God knows.

Come to think of it, were our previous actions so unspeakeably cruel to the extend that they retaliated with such unhumanity? For the past years, the Malaysian Government had been so considerate in regards of allowing so many immigrants, largely Indonesians, to cross the border. No to forget the fact that how the Malaysian, both Government an NGO'S, were so generous in lending their helping hands to Indonesia, most notably during the Tsunami tragedy. Sadly, how did they repay us? Just because of the arrest of those three officers, it seems like all our good deeds had gone through thin air, lost from their memories. Even a Malaysian movie critic, Mansor Puteh has a say on this. On his statement, he said that it is quite an eyebrow-raising situation, that when a group of Indonesian extremist threatened to inflict danger to Malaysian whose currently staying in Indonesia, and the Local Authorities did not show any reasonable action to cope with this. Does this show directly that the whole country is giving their  blessings to all these rude actions? Once again, God knows.....

 According to the Indonesian Sociological Research Director, Khairuddin Harahap, most street demonstrations in Indonesia were carried out by people who are not even aware of what they are demonstrating about.Most of them are slumdogs,living under bridges or may not even have a home at all. They were hired by certain groups to do their dirty game, rather than to do it themselves. The payment; money, food & cigarretes. This leads us to another question, why are they doing this? Some critics have said that showing their dissatisfaction to Malaysia may not be the sole reason for all of this  to occur. A message was to be extracted from it, in a subliminal method that is.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the Indonesian President

From my mere point of view, it may looked as if Malaysian is the one bombarded with all of this problems. On the surface, that may be the case. However, seems like the real target of all this is the man above. This is all the methods in bringing him down. All his rivals knew that through Elections, SBY would be a tough nut to crack. Thus, raising this issues seems to be the ideal way to bring him and his regime down to the ground. Come on,lets think for a second. Lately the issue of Indonesian housemates being tortured by their Malaysian employers was suddenly raised. Frankly speaking, this housemates are having a much hellacious life in other countries such as Saudi Arabia and China. Yet, Malaysia seems to be the one blamed for largely all of it.

As a Malaysian, there is no denying the fact that how it reaps my heart out, to see our prestigious flag being mistreated, especially in the patriotic month of August. For me, the level of intimacy between both nations should be increased. It is vital for both nation to look back on the ethnicity diaspora that there are so many Indonesian tribes that migrated to Malaysia as early as the 17th century. For example, we could found so many Javanese men living in Muar,Sabak Bernam, Kuala Selangor and Hutan Melintang. Not to forget the Mandailing people of Sumatera like myself,who are living mostly in Perak,Selangor & Negeri Sembilan.

The 1st generations of Mandailing in Perak

Since I was a child, I learnt through my father that my ancestors ,the Mandaling people, were from Tapanuli Selatan, Northern of Sumatera. Migrating to Perak as their first settlement on the aftermath of the Padri War, they have chosen Ayer Tawar, Pusing, Bruas, Batu Gajah and Gopeng as their place in search of a new life far away from their homeland.

Tapanuli Selatan, Sumatera

Since arrival, my ancestors have vow to serve their newly-found home with all their heart. They have forgotten their place of origin, Sumatera, or Indonesia as a whole. Yet, there is no denial that most of us still misses our homeland. Maybe that is the main reason that triggered me to write this long sketch. Deep inside my heart's core, I still have that feeling that Indonesia, Sumatera to be specific, is my home. Both countries should be united with brotherly-bond. That is why it saddens me to see that the good relationship between both neighbouring nations are on the verge of a serious threat,thanks to the action of some irresponsible being who blindly acts on the order of political agenda's. Besides, doesn't it seems to be even sad, if this "war" is happening between those who shared the same sacred vow, that Allah is the Supreme God & Muhammad is His Messenger?

There is no point to argue on the dumbest of all subjects. There are a lot of other matters that needs to be look into. Economy,developement , health, etc. Just stop all of this stupidity and think on a better future up ahead....

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