Thursday, September 23, 2010

between me and you

For the past 20 year, the world keeps on comparing,distinguishing between the both of us. I know it seems silly,but then again,not even you can deny the truthfullness of this fact,right? From the way we dress,we walk,we talk,every single aspect,even the dumbest of all things. You were born an orphan, the youngest of four. You told me how hard the life was back in those black and white days. Yet none of this were to become an obstacle for you. You strive the hardest amongst all,achieving so many success in your life. You studied both domestically and internationally. In continuation, you became what you always wanted,your cup of tea. You contributed so much for the past few decades to your job. Your were gifted with a a great mind and vision. Applauses and compliments were given from every angle. Each and everyday you grew proud of yourself. Well,you deserve it though.

Then came....ME. The one you thought would be the heir to all your success. I grew up admiring you,acknowlodging each an everything you do.You taught me with everthing you knew. I knew, you wanted me to be just like you. But come on,you knew deep down, I am nothing more than a failure, right? I entered 3 different,yet prestigous alma maters. How does that contributed to my self-developement? Does that make me a different person at his own level? Just look at me, I am nothing even an inch close to you. I seldom past any of my test with flying colours. The one's which even did might just be my luck, I guess. I'm badly organized,not to mention the level of clumsiness I could offer. I didn't went to study abroad, though I dreamt(might just always be a dream) to do so. I'm a jerk, a worthless piece of junk. Yet you never tell it straight to my face.,maybe you still have that tiny inch of believe that I could change.

I don't know, whether you still trust me, or slowly losing it. Remember back a few years ago,how harsh you treated me? How you looked down on me regarding many things such as my examination results,the way I look,even to the girls I tried to date. Remember how I retaliated? All those devious acts I've done in the,you were the catapulting catalyst that made me insane enough to carry such act. We keep on arguing for most of the time. I have no place to roam. Thus, I turned to my friends,my beloved blood-brothers who keeps on standing next to me through thick or thin....

You know what, I respect you in any reasonable circumstances. You are my mentor. Yet to be honest, I do despise you in certain ways. From day to day, I knew, both of us were not meant to be parallel. I tried,but I can't. Like I said earlier, I am nothing like you. Maybe I am not destined to be as accomplished,as well-organized like you. It's okay if you look at me as a mere regrettable creature...I just want you to know,I'm sorry..............

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