Monday, November 15, 2010

home "sweet?" home

Is it over? I mean like, there's no more exams, right? Means that I can go home and fill my daily routine with all the unlimited enjoyment one normal boy could have, like playing FIFA 10 on the PS console, watching those great movies on TV all night long with no concern regarding anything and most importantly, spend most of my leisure time on my bed, right?

You know how it feels when a monkey climbs to your back,and begins to do all sorts of intimidating acts that will surely test your nerves? And then suddenly, you manage to remove it. Well thats what I felt after finishing my final paper of the semester. Flying colours? Hope so. Its been long since I had triumphed. Hope there will be a twist in this fate of mine. InsyaAllah.

I'm home. Nothing much to do. Plans? Still reckoning anything that might evade me from burgeoning this one type of unwanted feeling called "boredom".  Come to think of it, this holiday would be an ideal time for me to control my expenditure. I just hope that this plan wont back-fire. I'll run a test, on how sweet this holiday might turn out to be....

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