Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i hate it

I'm not being offensive or whatsoever you might possibly call it. But for this past few years, peoples, teenagers to be precise, has started to pick a certain type of T-Shirt to be their cup of tea. The obnoxious part regarding this stuff is what is written as its design. Here, I'll show you....

Hey,why don't you just write one long paragraph to indicate that?

Sorry ladies for using your picture. Hey, I love my mama too

To begin with, which wise guy is that "creative" to invent this detrimental stuff in the first place? Who cares if you love someone, there's other way to show it, no need to be explicit though. I know, maybe this new wave of  lame,boring "indie" music phenomenon (yucks!!) might have messed up with most of the youth nowadays. Maybe thats why the need for T-Shirts that would raise certain eye-brows are considered a need. To the one responsible in designing this shirts,come on, you make the users look horribly silly for God's sake.

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