Saturday, July 3, 2010

as I lay dying.........

well, for those Metal Freaks out there,you might be familiar with the name of this new post of mine. not to be fancy or anything, just don't have any mind-blowing ideas to put on the title. To start, this piece of sketch has nothing to do with the the title. I just got home from doing the same rigmarole I did on every delightful Sunday morning. To start, I woke up and performed my Subuh prayers. Credits to the greatest Eve who had ever roam on God's Earth(at least for me,that is), my mother!!!!. She's my unofficial morning clock. Sometimes I wonder, man, will this lady ever get bored in waking me up for almost every morning? "Aliff, Subuh!!!!" "Aliff, dah dekat pukul 7 ni". "Aliff, nak masuk neraka ke!!????" Ok, that particular final sentence will always went out if she reached the most maximum of all tempers. . I respect my mother in any circumstances. She was my first Ustazah, teaching my brother and I to recite the Holy Quran since we were 5 and 6 respectively. She was still busy working back then,yet she still has that sense of responsibility,to ensure that both her sons are able to perform the 5 time prayers and recite the Quran thoroughly. Man, will I ever find another Angel like you,mak??

OK,enough about her. Let's talk about another "her". She's quite a distance from me right now. Only God knows how I missed her. She has been working lately, spending most of her leisure time on holidays by helping her sister's business. Hmm, hard-working girl. Always texting me messages,filling my boring days with her jokes, and most importantly, keep on loving me for who I am. Because of one of her text, I manage to woke up early this morning, thus avoiding any unwanted audio's from coming out of my mother's mouth. Thanks sayang, I miss u...

It's raining cats and dogs this morning. I went out to have my breakfast, before accompanying my mom to the market. Buying some Terung, Pisang Awak, Ubi Keledek, Jering and one of my all-time favourites, Tempoyak!!!! A local Perak dish that is. Man, I just love its aroma and fragrance.

Finally, I sat home in my room, in front of my lappy,writing this new post. Its quite awkward, this weird feeling suddenly pop-out from my heart and mind. Its like, have I been sleeping all this time? Have I wasted my precious life with nothing? Even worse, have I been dead all this years? This just seems funny, but it keeps messing with my head for hours now. Those 5 years at The Royal Town, have my brothers and I utilise the opportunity wisely? Or is it just 5 years filled with Fly,Ord and Kirik?

A year older, a year wiser. Yeahh right. Doesn't seem that way to me. I entered a new Alma-Mater. Gosh I thought I've changed, but those Dark Ages are just not over yet, do they? I keep on doing the same mistakes over and over again. The mistakes that nearly cost my life a few years back. Allah is The Most Powerful. With all that serious screwed-ups and blunders, He still gives me a slight glimmer of hope in pursuing my life. Alhamdulillah, no other words to describe how thankful I am to You...

I don't know. Maybe I got a little twisted right now. No, I'm already twisted since those days. Maybe because of all those hard-times, I got wacko . Its like a Nuclear bomb. It tooks only one explosion, to ruin the lives of the whole community living around there for years and years to come.

Perhaps I'm wrong. Guess that title does have something in common with what I am writing right now. Maybe I have been dead for all this years. The question is, will I ever be alive again???

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