Wednesday, October 27, 2010

aliff & exams

Exams are proving to be one hell of a pain in the neck, particularly in my case. Reminiscing my very first encounter with exams, I realized since day 1 that I would not be loving it. Then it goes on and on and on,bombarding me every year with all the torturous questions that could possibly be inflicted to any man on the street. Yet I did prevailed against two of the biggest exams ever. The first one proved to be a major turning point, as it helped me to gain entrance to my secondary school. It took me 3 years to realize that what I had achieved back then was almost, if not exactly, nothing. Then another huge exam showed up. Already rotten from the day of my previous exam, this one proved to be a much tougher nut to crack. Instead of 5, now I have to face 8 subjects. On the road to the faithful day of this exam, my life was transformed to a living Hell on Earth. I was threatened and belittled by almost everyone. But that year did taught me many things though. I remember, it was some few weeks before the day arrives. Some of us may had lost enough sanity, to the extend that we actually studied at the stairs just below the Physics Lab. Gadut, Jibong, Bacok and myself were among them. You guys remember that? Memorable, wasn't it? Then the night before we had to endure our first paper, all of us stood in front of the Form 3 classes before singing numerous songs. You know what, I broke down to tears everytime those flascbacks of that night passes through the screen of my brain. Funny, isn't it?

Then its the final chapter of my story as a schoolboy. The exam that would prove to be a larger bargain as it directed me to the field that I need to go. Frankly, thanks to this one, I made new friends all around Malaysia,largely due to the fact that I need to get exercise questions from other schools. Some of whom I knew were just for friends,knowing them for mere academical purposes. Yet some others were for different reasons, flirtuous reasons I supposed. A normal phenomenon, especially when you're studying at a boarding school. Nevertheless, thanks guys, really appreciate all the assists.

Then I entered a new alma-mater. I'm older, but not in anyway wiser. Its my cup of tea,but I played around too much. The same tough-luck would prove to be the case after I transferred to a new university.

Exams were created to enhance and measure the level of knowledge gained by a student. So, what did I gained after all these years of exams? Never really sure of that, guess I might be a little wacko with this upcoming examination of mine. Maybe that is the reason that triggered me to create this post at the first place.

To all of my trusted law compatriots, good luck to you guys. Try to memorize all those relevant acts and cases. I'm trying hard here myself . May we pass this one with flying colours.