Tuesday, October 12, 2010

compilation.....for me.....

"You know, I didn't meant to utter all of these nonsence. But hey, its for your own good, I suppose. You are approaching the second decade of your living life on God's Earth. I watch you grew up to become this not-so-handsome lad right in front of me. On course of that, I kind of noticed some facts about you. You're not that kind,you're not that nice...but you're such a considerate kind of fellow. The world seldom witnessed the wrath of you anger. Still, you're quite nice towards all of your companions. Everytime you're scholded buy any of them, you stood on your ground,silently that is. You supported the one's you knew or love in every single way you could possibly manage. You tried to be Mr. Nice Guy for most of your daily life.

Straight to the point, where did all of those deeds led you to? I know, towards your own downfall to the darkest off all obscurity,right? Look at you, your life started a little brightly here back then. Now,is there still any brightness in it? You gave your trust,your love, your heart to the one's you believed, but did that in any way assist you in your own self-developement? You backed them up everytime they're facing difficulties. But did they carry such noble act for you in return? Just look at those guys. They are having a much better life right now.... and you, ended up being beneath their shadows,though primarily you're slightly better than them. Besides, its noticeable that you're such a caring guy to the one's you love. You sacrificed almost anything for them. Your tender love is so great that you acted as their father,giving dozens of advises for the sake of their well-being. One question, did they even give a damn on all your kind blabbers? They continued to do the things you tried to abstain them from doing so. So what is the value of your so-called "love"?

For your own sake, its time for you to enter a new age, a new era. The era of selfishness. Put in your tiny brain that no one should be trusted. They are only using you as a mere stepping stone. To simplify, you are an apparatus for them. You don't believe me? Try to leave that car of yours at home for a week,just  a week. Lets see how many friends,companions would you have for that particular 7 days. Think about yourself only onwards. Be free to do whatever you like,whenever you like. Don't be obstacled by anyone,even by the ones you cared about, besides your parents. Do not simply presume a friend you just knew for not that long to be a brother, nor a sister. Remember those boys that you knew for five years? Yes, they are the only brothers you could rely on.

For once in that miserable and catastrophic life of yours, please do not seek the truth from sentiments. Stop laying your trust towards others. Stop being treated like a rubbish by others. Be selfish, be hypocrite...that is who you are,right?"

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