Monday, January 31, 2011

From expression, to danger..all in Egypt

I was quite amused to see some post on Facebook by my Malaysian compatriots in Egypt, that they are going to return home,concurrently with the date most Malaysian would be going on a  holiday in conjuction with the Chinese New Year. Nothing weird, maybe Egypt does grant such festivals as holidays. However, I was soon to realize that it was not to be the case. The shocking fact was the nation's citizens are all going on a rampaging frenzy. Riots are conducted thoroughly nationwide. The catalyst towards the catastrophy : To bring the President, Hosni Mubaraq and his regime down to Earth.

Well, to be honest, it maybe the unsubtle manifestation of what the Egyptian have on their thoughts for the 3 decades of dictatorship by Hosni. Coming into office since 1981, he looks as if a sangfroid kind of figure,supposedly due to his military background. However, Egypt has suffered from all sorts of angle, due to the mischievous style of rule by Hosni. Notoriously, Egypt has one of the most corrupted government not just in the Arab region, but in the whole world. Hosni's policy which is favourable towards the Zionist in regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has even made him a rather menacing figure, to the extend that Parade Magazine ranked him at number 20 of the list of World's Worst Dictator.  Hosni Mubaraq's reign was to be seen as having a rather uncurtailed power, even greater than an "absolute monarchy" kind of rule. You guys can witness right now, even after this raucous wrath of the people, he still thinks that he is a figure to be reckon with. To show that, most online medium and phone coverage were blocked to limitize the spreading of anti-Hosni Mubaraq doctrine amongst the people. This goes far beyond just Egypt citizens, but to non-citizens as well.

I certainly felt that this might spark a new wave of Reinassance in the Arab region. A few days back, the then-President of the Tunisian Republic had to relinquish his post due to the emergence of the people. His over-fabulous life, which was concurrent with the poverty suffered by the Tunisians was just considered too much. I believe that this will continue in other Arab nations, which the citizens are getting much annoyed with the fact of how their rulers are so condemned to support the West, rather than to support their own brothers, who mostly shared the same oath of the Syahadah. However, I totally disagree with the way on how the citizens choses their medium of expression. I know that maybe most of them had been left disgruntled with their previous unsuccesfull ways, but causing riot nationwide is only contributing towards more calamitous consequences.

Most Malaysians in Egypt are students, medical students, most of them. Not to forget some who visits Egypt as a holiday sojourn. This chaotic condition causes the unprecedented large exodus of Malaysians from there this few days. Most of my friend had returned home safely in one piece. I do hope that the Malaysian Government would put an even stronger effort to retrieve all Malaysians from Egypt, to avoid them from being engage towards any unspeakable danger. Be strong, may Allah always be by your side, my compatriots.

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Rozuan Ismail said...

i hope that all my friends and relatives there are safe.. My heart is too much worried thinking about them.. Please go back to Malaysia ASAP..huh..