Monday, January 24, 2011

What's written for me?

I am fast approaching the end of my second year in Law School. In a direct consequence, congrats Aliff, there's another two years upon graduating. I spent one year as a law matriculation student back in UiTM, that is prior upon entering an actual law school, which is in my case, proves to be UKM. OK there's still time, no need to sweat your head off just yet, most of my collegues told me that. Yet lately, I've been wondering on which field of expertise should I engage myself into right after receiving that illusive first scroll. Thus, here are the options :


Having an LLB Hons. qualifies one to practice law actively. This career seems to be rather a cliche for a law graduate. Upon becoming a lawyer, one needs to complete a 9 month practical programme, legally known as the "chambering". After that, one will officially be declared a lawyer, through a process named "called to the Bar". Most of the lawyers that I had met said that being called to the Bar was one of the most memorable event in their legal career life. Being a lawyer needs much of the best from you. Possessing an adequate level of eloquence will be instrumental. Not to forget a no-nonsence approach, as sometimes you may not just be dealing with money or properties, but someones life might even be at stake. Honestly, I don't think being a lawyer will be good for me. I seldom speak, not to mention how low the level of intransigence inside of me is. Still, my father do expresses his desire to see me become one.  Even the urging to be a lawyer from my school-mates have made me even confused.


Thus here's another option. All LLB Hons graduate are qualified to become a first class magistrate. Most say that its hard to get yourself promoted, especially in the judiciary. My say, I think this one suits me well. To become one, I need to have a very critical mind, not to forget being impervious to all sorts of undue pressure. It becomes something of a driving force for me, to know that many MCKK alumnis had carved their names in the nations historic judiciary folklore. Amongst those are the late Tan Sri Azmi Kamarudin, former judge of the Supreme Court. His younger brother, Suhaimi Kamarudin, former UMNO Youth Chief who happens to be a practicing lawyer. Nowadays, a prominent MCOB's in the system is Datuk Hashim Yusof, judge in the Federal Court. Even a fellow Ayer Tawar men like me, Dato Abdul Rahim Uda(however,he is not from MCKK, he is a SDARA), who now holds the post of Hight Court Judge in Shah Alam, has become an instant idol in my village. I do acknowledge them, as they were graduates of my school. Hope that I will continue their legacy, hopefully.


This one seems to be rather simple on the surface. If I were to become one, I'll have my own office, and most of my daily routine would be drafting and observing legal documents, as well as giving any advices from the legal view. The consequence would be different, depending on what department I engage myself into, either govermental or non-govermental


A degree would not be sufficient enough. Having at least an LLM (Masters in Law) would be pivotal though. This career seems to be very easy, as what I need to do is teach, just like a teacher. Personally, I don't have any teaching skills, but as this career is much promising, especially in todays circumstances, I might give it a go.

All in all, there are many jobs a law graduate can get themselves into. Besides the one's that I mentioned earlier, there are also other promising careers such as Public Prosecutor, Federal Counsel, Police Officer, District Officer and even more. What vital for me is the endless pursuit towards something within someone. I admit that I am no A-grader, nor even a Dean-lister. But I never get easily indulge with myself. I'm contemplating to further my studies in the Master's level, perhaps even PhD, in the near future. And if proven possible, I might try to study abroad. That is one of my dreams that are yet to be achieved. Its not the title "Professor" or "Dr" that I want, its the dissaticfaction of what I have right now, the avarice for knowledge within myself that made me want to continue to study. Somehow, I felt rather lucky that most of my schoolmates are on the same page as me, as this first degree would not be the end for most of us.

"Jawatan Utama Sektor Awam". That seems quite hard to achieve. But still, the thrill and hardship of gaining that title makes me even more enthusiastic than ever. For now, that is my goal. I may not know what the future has in store for me, I just hope that it's a bright one.

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