Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bersih = Clean

It's pretty obvious that most Malaysians are more than aware of this logo up here. In actuality, it's a Malay translation of the word "Clean". Scheduled on the 9th of July, its will be conducted in the form of a rally right at the heart of the nation's capital. The objective ; mainly are to ensure a better system during all elections, so we are told. A direct message to the Election Committee I should say. The main personnel ; Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, well-known as the former President of The  Bar Council.  An impervious indiviual who advocates on the emphasis of human rights, she is the back-bone of this would-to-be gathering

The Malaysian Government have viewed this demonstration in a rather negative spectrum. This is getting pretty much palpable with the fact that almost in the end of every news bulletin, the final words from the news anchor is that every Malaysian should live in harmony and avoid any activities that might triggered riot. So much for a subliminal form of a message. Most right-sided entities have given the view that such rally or gathering must not take place in Kuala Lumpur, by arguing that if would only spark detrimental results. For example, the decrease of the nation's income from the tourism industry, the most popular argument thus far. Some even argue that why dont this rally be conducted in a much safer and confined compound, like in a stadium for example. Much of the criticism of the upcoming rally had been nothing more than mere words, as so far, there are no signs that it would be cancelled. Much of the future participants have countered that this is the only way to show to the EC and the Government as a whole, on what they want for the future of the Malaysian Election.

I must say, that Malaysia is one of the worse country, in perspective of the human rights issue. Who could deny that? Most of the blame have been forwarded to the seemingly unscrupulous enforcement of the Internal Security Act. The Government have made it clear that they will not hesitate to use this act to any participants of this upcoming rally. Hence, the right to gather as layed down in Article 10 of the Federal Constitution have been used as the most pivotal shield by the Bersih participants. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, why should anyone be arguing it?...most of them said. Yet, one must not look at the provision frivolously as the enforcers does have the rights to hinder such gathering if any form of violence ensues. Although most have said that this would be a safe rally, the conundrum continues as to whether the assurance of safety would proven to be a reality on that faithful day.

No one is arguing on the essence of this upcoming event. Its a good medium to show what the citizens wants for the near future. It is just that in this country, where street demonstrations have been viewed as a taboo, the organizers should look on the most effective approach so that their expression would be understood by the government in a more justified manner, for both parties,that is.

All my best wishes to the BERSIH rally and all its participants. Please, ensure that in the course of the demonstration, no form of danger and riot would follow through. Besides, I do hope you guys are successful in reaching this rally's objectives, because if you don't, all of you would be the biggest laughing-stock for years to come. I can ensure you that. Be "BERSIH".

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