Monday, July 25, 2011

it is near

Ramadhan is fast approaching. A month synonymous with fasting. What better way to train your tummy to resist the enticing temptation of food-devouring, rather than to start having "puasa sunat" by now? Alhamdulillah, today's fasting went pretty well. Still, on the abrupt side, I need to get rid of too much nap. Other than that, I need to protect all my senses from all that is bad, because Ramadhan is not all about abstaining myself from eating only. A few days left before enduring the Holy Month. My Raya preparations are all set and done. Thanks to Abah for being so generously nice to "support' me. One more thing, I'm feeling so FULL right now. Could'nt even move the slightest of muscle. Gosh, I need to control the amount of food intake during berbuka. Feels funny, but this has been happening every year for me. A new Ramadhan resolution? Yeah, have one in my mine.

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