Saturday, July 2, 2011

my first interest

Its been two years, make it three I guess  (taking into account my foundation studies)....since the first day I stepped into a higher educational institute tu pursue my studies in law. Its a tough course to say the least, so tough that maybe medicine is the only course to match with its bombarding way of studies. (Other courses, no offense you guys). I've met so many acts, codes, treaties  even some pre-historic cases. Read it, sure. Memorize? That's a whole other new level, considering how unreasonable for a normal human brain to keep up with such exorbitant number of data. Nothing to regret though from my behalf, because this is the field that I dreamt of engaging myself into since my yester-years.

Still, I do have one other passion. A passion for sounds, beautiful sounds, produced from the pluckings of a six-string instrument they called the GUITAR.

E, B, G, D, A, and E. The pitch of each respective strings from top to bottom. The way to play it varies in accordance to the type of music one wants to play. Not forgetting the type of guitar one is using, either acoustic or amplified. My so-called history with this instrument tracks back to my retro days in MCKK, the school where I learnt so many stuffs, stuffs that some even parents are not obliged to teach. I dont know, but it has become some sort of a tradition for MCKK students that playing guitars is considered a must. I'm not saying all, but each batch will have a substantial number of guitarist that forming more than three bands per-batch is normal. Some say that this is all due to the influence of the indie-band BUTTERFINGERS, one of the earliest pioneers of the underground music scene in Malaysia. Well, you guest it. Excluding Emmet, the vocalist, all members of the band are alumni of MCKK.

They might have been the force of this playing-guitar plague that has been infecting most of my school students till this day. Personally, I first encountered a guitar when I was 15. Never really knew how to play it back then, though. Then I learnt how to play it in a more proper way, producing true music sounds instead of a privolous pluckings. It took me quite awhile, my tender fingers were always in pain each time I played. Then, everything when to another step as my friends and I began having jamming session on each Saturday outtings in a place called Zai Am Studio. An old studio, never close to cozzy. But we loved that place

From playing simple acoustic guitars, we have now started to hit the crunching new tunes of electric. I continued to play guitar, until I graduated right after my SPM. I have two guitars of my own, just purchasing it for fun I guess.

YAMAHA Acoustic guitar

IBANEZ, with amps. Man, I look bad with side-burns
I love almost every musical genre that is associated with guitar. In all honesty, I due contemplated once that if I did not further my studies in law, I might focus on music and make a living out of it, profesionally that is. Some few years ago, some childish memories and dreams of mine. Back to reality, the level of hecticness of my legal studies that I have to endure daily,  have left me with little time to enjoy myself with the musical instrument that I cheerish the most. Yet, I do use any of my leisure time to have a simple pluck. My playing style have deteriorate since finishing school, but come on, its just for fun. Nothing more.

That's all for now. Good bye, folks!

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