Friday, July 1, 2011

writings of a mad Harahap

Is this a subtle form of a sabotage? Is this all a conspiracy? It should not be..its illogical. why should it be as such? come on, stop kidding for crying out loud. But lets think, for a split second, it could be, right? Nothing is exorbitant nowadays, everything could be unparallel to what it is supposed to be back at day 1. The world is all about irrelevancy, that makes the world go round. There's no way you could distinguish between a hoax and the fact, at least as I'm concern that is. What..voices? Don't trust them. Wait, perhaps you should, that could be the only way out for you from this tunnel that leads to your own perdition. You might savour salvation by hearing them. Amidst all of this, create a plan of your own. Because if you fail to do so, there's nothing more awaits you, than destruction..

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