Wednesday, May 26, 2010

so long #2...

I woke up this morning as usual, feeling lazy, sleepy and all kinds of stuff that a boy would feel upon waking up. Luckily she text me a message, feels good to know that someone is always thinking of you, someone far that is. Well, I opened my lappy, just to go online after my Subuh prayers. Then, I noticed something that attracts my intention for awhile. Its regarding one of my most favourite band of all time, the Iowa-based metal outfit Slipknot. "Paul Gray dies at 38". Just for the record, Paul Gray is the bassist.
Is this true?

Slipknot, on their heir days

It was reported that the deceased was found dead in a hotel room at his hometown of Urbandale, Iowa, leaving behind a wife whose expecting their first child.

I listened to Slipknot for quite awhile now. Well,since I was 14 to be honest. With their notorious, yet unorthodox appearance(every member of the band wore mask), mix with heavy guitar riffs and double-pedal drums in their music, their songs quickly gained recognition from all over the world,especiall Metal Heads like me. Almost every night I would borrow any of my friends Walkman and listen to their CD's. God it was just so awesome to bang you head right before "Lights-Off"! I never get tired or boring when it comes to their songs.

Nominated for seven Grammy Awards for the time being,they manage to actually won one of those in 2006. Something that is quite unique about the band is that every members has its own number,starting from #0 to #8, with the deceased on #2.

Paul Grey

Well, its just tragic. This band is going through such a successful period in their illustrious music career. Then, one of them died. Slipknot will never be the same again. Whether they manage to find a better bassist than Paul or not, their music might slightly differ from their previous. Just want to give Paul a last tribute. A reminscence, thats all

Paul Gray

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